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  • Tanning tips?

    Curious about any home tanning options that can render a fox hide usable for making a hat out of. It's a christmas present for my wife and I've got someone that will construct the hat but I'd like to save a few bucks by doing the hide myself. I've currently got it in the freezer and plan on finishing the fleshing out when I've got a little direction as to tanning it. Thanks in advance.
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    Ive used the vandykes tanning kit for caribou and black bear. They worked great in my oppinion. Its just alot of **** work. Breaking the hide sucks. But on a fox I would imagine it would be much more easy due to the fact its thiner. I got the kit from cabelas and it was only like 17 bucks or so. I got 3 kits and did the caribou and bear together.


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      tanning oil

      i sell a product that works well for small game and it's 15.00 call me at 452- 6047 ask for al.


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