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Nome Caribou?

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  • Nome Caribou?

    Hi all, I'm heading to Nome in august and was wondering if it were possible to get caribou off of the road system there? I searched the archives and just ain't getting what I'm looking for. If so, does anyone have any info they'de be willing to give a newbie? Thanks James

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    So...Your question is...Is it possible to harvest caribou in August from the limited network of roads in and around Nome? Correct?

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      Good Boots?

      The few resident caribou on the Seward Peninsula summer at least 40 miles from any road. There have been occasions where the migration in October have brought parts of the herd across the road system. This year it happened about the same time the road snowed in for the winter.


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        Also know that there are reindeer herds that roam the area, caribou confusion has occurred and the folks get kind of mad.
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          Since I'm going to be in Nome in august, I was just wondering what the chances of being able to get a caribou within hiking distance of the road system (maybe the Kougarok road?). It sounds like odds are not very good. Thanks, James


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            Sent you a PM.


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