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  • Mapping Programs

    I'm looking to buy a mapping program and wondered what other people were using and what they think about it. What do you think the best program out their is. Thanks for the info.

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    Correct me if Im wrong, but I didnt think Mississippi boys had the mental capacity to use such a program


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      National Geographic Topo is my favorite, have used it for years with great success with several versions of Garmin GPS's. Works on both Mac and PC. Also note that Google Earth version 5 (just released) now includes the tools to have it interact with your GPS for trip planning - all previous versions you had to buy the $20/yr subscription to Google Earth Plus - now it's free. Also has a very cool bathymetry tool - you can "fly" over underwater structure.



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        Mapping Programs

        I use the Delorme Topo and I really like it allows you to print maps with notes and waypoints lots of very nice features and great maps. Printed and laminated some maps for a caribou hunt up on the Noatak last fall.


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          Forgot to add - get some Adventure Paper to print your maps on. 3 diff sizes, can print on either side (not single side coated like some are), and absolutely bulletproof. I used to print onto a chunk of Tyvek until this stuff came out, works great. SW, REI, etc sell it, or you can get it online.


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            Alaskan XL
            Where did you buy your National Geographic Topo Map Program? What would I need to look for when buying to make sure I got the google earth bonus? Thanks to all for the info.


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              Mapping Program!!!!!!!!


              Thats the reason I want a Mapping Program so I don't have to read. I can just look at the purrty pictures.


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                Digital Mapping Software HERE!

                Hi folks,

                You may not be aware that we have both the MapTech Alaska Terrain Navigator program and the National Geographic TOPO! program here in the Outdoors Directory bookstore, and both are on sale! Check it out.

                I have both programs and they are great.

                Michael Strahan
                Site Owner
                Alaska Hunt Consultant
                1 (406) 662-1791


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                  I reveiwed the MapTech program on the Outdoor Gear section of this bulletin board.

                  You can find the thread go here:



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                    Well I just bought the National Geographic Topo Software and it also came with National Geographic Hunting Areas(GMU Map TOPO Overlays). Its pretty cool because it will outline the GMU you select on the TOPO map so you can see the boundaries. Now I just need to learn how to use all the features of the program. Thanks for the info.


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                      Glad to hear you picked up TOPO - you'll be happy with it. Give us a report on how the GMU module works out, I've always had to build these myself. Would sure be a timesaver!

                      The Google Earth component has nothing to do with TOPO. My point was that you can now have your GPS interact with GE for free, rather than spending $20 for the Plus subscription on GE for this function.

                      Does the GMU module for TOPO have just the primary GMU boundaries, or have all the sub units, zone definitions, i.e., all the zones/subzones for 20A anterless, etc as well? I believe these were all posted free at one point on NG's TOPO website, but I haven't checked in a while.


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                        It just has the primary GMU boundaries but its still nice to have that.


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                          I've used the National Geographic map program for a couple years now and for me it is indespensible! Great program and I have used it tons! When I bought the program, the GMU boundary didn't come with it, but was available online through their mapxchange website. The boundaries have been quite useful.
                          Now my question: For those of you using the program, apparently they have changed the trail sharing features and I'm having a hard time locating the mapxchange website where users used to be able to share hiking trails and such. Anyone know the process now for sharing trails and such online?


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                            gps maping

                            I just got a garmin legend and topo of ak anyone got any views of it ?


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                              I could never find the mapXchange website. It had me set up a account for mapXchange and sent me a password for it but I could never find the website.

                              I like the program and think it will be very helpful when I learn to use all the features it offers. I wish somebody/someplace offered classes on these mapping programs like they do for the GPS's.


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