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    One of the guns I've decided to use as a good backwoods rifle is my trust M44 Nagant, as you may or may not know the M44s have a permanently affixed bayonet (fold-able). So, what are the regs in AK regarding bayonets while hunting, clearly I wouldn't be fixing it and charging, but I wouldn't want to remove it just because it's actually important to the gun (without the bayonets attached the accuracy goes to nothing.

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    You have decided to use one of the best rifles ever known to man, The Mosin Nagant. Excellent choice!
    a positve safty, accurate, a powerfull round and many loads to choose from.
    #2 you can either "fix" the bayonett in the forward position and shoot it, as its been factory sighted with the bayonett extended, (fold it for carrying and storage)or remove the big screw and pull off the spike and springloaded sleeve and set them aside for collectability in the fact that it is redily restored.
    Guys here take off the bayonett and use them like crazy, and all are happy with the accuracy out to 250 yards or so.
    Then go and shoot it, and you will generally find that it shoots about 2 inches lower than with the spike extended.The bad accuracy generally occurs from having been sighted in with the spike out, and then used with it folded.....see? Two different impact points, so you must choose one or the other. I take them off, sight them, and go from there.
    #3 perfectly legal. Heck, I'd sure like to hear about any boyonettings!!!
    This aint California! Put a pistol in your pocket, and go!

    A bit ahrd to see, but my pard Carl has his bayonett folded..LOL...never did see him use it folded out...

    M44 and Mosin Nagants are poular up this way (arctic) and I collect them. I also , suprizingly enough, find them around as much as I order them.

    Great round for everything you intend to hunt. Soft points and Mil ball is great in those bebys, and they are so cheap in price (Usually under 100$ that you can skip crying over a scratch or gouge....
    I personally use an M-39 Mosin Nagant, wich is the upgraded Finnish version that is wickedly accurate.
    Mosin Nagant='s Good gun!
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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