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  • Short-Term Bait Sites

    If you only had limited time (5 days) to set up, maintain, and hunt a bait site, how would you go about it?

    What type of bait? Any burns?
    Where would you focus it?
    How would you hunt it?


    I'm interested in how you guys would handle this situation. We'll be chasing blackies on POW in early June, and I'm contemplating establishing a short-term bait site as a second option. We'll be cruising with a skiff most of the time.


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    I find the first week of june being the most active on my site, I have baited 1st of june before and had multiple bears visiting 2 days after dropping bait. Use strong scents like anise all over the trees and brush, do jello burns I use only sweet stuff on my site doughnuts pie filling skittles etc.


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      i have found that NEW sites take a minimum of a week to be hit

      5 days? 2 days to set up and a day to clean up gives you 2 days to hunt...3 if you hurry on the set up, let alone train the bears to your sent...

      your best bet would be spot and stalk... find moose kills etc. you would have to be in a huge concentration of bears already accustomed to bait sites to accomplish this goal...

      sorry but that is my experience.

      rather then a bait site... find where they are hanging out.. and put some lures up or bear candy... balls from the tree. some place your are going by all the time..and get one to come out of brush for you at that spot..
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        May have been just the number of bears in the area but I have had one pound coffee cans of bacon grease work in a hour or so,always the same day.There were just alot of bears in this area but I believe in the bacon grease
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          grease has always worked for me within 1-2 days max.


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            Im a freak of nature....

            1st time out had a bear on my bait just shy of 4 hours. Im attributing that tho to lack of pressure from hunters and density of bears in the area.With that in mind I'd say you can harvest your bear (or bears) with-in the alloted time frame you imposed on yourself.Good Luck on your hunt bud.


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              I've had bears the same day with my method. I take a sterno can and a frying pan out with me. I cook cherry jello mix, a bag of marshmellows, and water to boiling until it reduces down to tar. The smell has brought bears in twice in under 2 hours. Neither of which were huge, but it worked. Of course, I set up in areas that I knew bears were located.

              Be aware that you still need a bear baiting permit in most areas if you use this method.
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                I baited during both of my recent trips to POW. Both times all of our baits were hit like clockwork on the 3rd day.


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                  I would highly suggest AGAINST pouring anything on the ground, bacon grease, anise, etc, because that is ground that will basically have to be pretty much excavated once you're done baiting according to the hunting regs. No saturated ground/logs, etc.


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                    I would establish a "temporary" bait site where I know bears are known to frequent. 5 days is a short amount of time to build and establish a bait site and with all the cleanup involved, I would also recommend that you do not put anything on the ground. Hang bait bags high enough in the trees to where the bears can barely get at them and use lots of scent bait to lure them in. Personally, I don't think you'll need to set up a bait site, POW is full of bears and you should have no trouble finding some along the shore line.


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                      I would not waste my time on a bait station on POW. Spend the time hunting.
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                        A friend of mine had some amazing success bear baiting in PWS last year, but his baits were out for about 5 days before checking em again, and hunted over a 14 day period. He took two bears that were pretty close to or over 7ft, absolute hogs with amazing hides. I would love to chase bears on the beach, but the idea of getting into the jungle and luring in those not so stupid mature bears that havent been baited much is sure appealing to me.


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                          "Small Station"

                          I set mine out one-plate at a time ... get them to wait for me.
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                            Looks like your late getting his dinner out............


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                              I have always put bait into barrels, Never thought about just setting it out
                              on the picnic table.


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