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  • Goat hunt weights?

    Is it possible for two hunters to carry two goats deboned with full hides. I was curious if some of you can help me on the weight of a deboned Goat and a full body skin with horns. Either nanny or billy. Plan on spiking out for a few days and wondering if possible to carry a small camp and carry out a whole goat to ones self in one trip back to drop off point?

    Thank you for any info!

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    It can be done if in good shape and if you went to the field light.Did it by myself and walked out with about 150# on my back but only had to go about five miles
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      I hunt solo so any game I get has to come out by my own power. Yes a goat is doable as long as it's done smart and carefully, sometimes not even then. On moderate terrain a trevoy can be very helpful. (trevoy=2 poles use like a wheel barrow pulled behind you) For my November registration hunt last year I used a polk/mountaineering sled. I came home empty but that sled sure made the pack in and out lighter.

      Don't underestimate the importance of pre season training. I have already started doing tri weekly hikes in alpine conditions and light weight training in preparation for the upcoming season. If you fail to put in the training time necessary you will fail in your hunt, Goats make sheep look like cowards and they are much harder to put down!
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        Not By Me

        But I know two guys who did it and I`m sure they had all the uasable meat. Me and my pard have a hard time with just one and our spike gear. Once we rolled all the gear bags and tent in a big ball tied it up good in a tarp. We put it on a long teather and rolled it down hill a head of us. Worked pretty good till the teather broke and it went the wrong way but I know if you pack light clean the meat up really really good and go slow you can make. Cuz these two did bout killed em though
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          Mountain goats always surprise me with how big they are dead on the ground. And then they always surprise me how much of the goat does not have to be packed out.

          I have only packed out eight goats. Deboned meat ready to be sliced/ground and wrapped, "green" front cape and head-hornes. I can not generally do it alone. Although I did a very small, young billy one time by myself, along with my gear.

          The problem I have had is not the total weight on level ground, which is barely do-able. My problem has been the total weight on goat-ground. And the areas that I or my clients have whacked goats has always been grass covered, in addition to typical goat cliffs. When the grass is wet from either rain or morning dew, them slopes get slick.
          (I do not do goats on ice.)

          A1- I too have rolled a goat or two down the slopes. My Barneys pack can take it. Weaker backpacks do not survive. (True story)

          I'm not saying YOU can not do it. But I prefer one dead goat per two backpacks.

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            Can be done...

            I've done it...it is not fun. I'd pack a moose in the swamps anyday.

            Put 150# in your pack and walk down a few flights of stairs, then multiply X2 becasue of rough terrain to get the idea if youre comfortable to do it. Ditto what ATA said on slippery downhills with consequences at the bottom.

            I've packed out 4 goats, none of them fun, but it sure is alot nicer to have someone to split it with

            Good luck, Im in the same boat this year!!


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              Not me

              I've packed out 3 goats, and all were split between 2 guys, thank goodness. I would have died if they weren't, or just taken 2 trips. I know you're a big guy ( I work with your father in law) and think that you could probably do it. But like the others say, it really depends on the terrain and just how far you're packing.


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                First goat

                I shot was with my partner. We shot big mature southeast billy's. We both shot them in October. It was raining and the hair was wet. We had both full hides and the meat. I was in great shape and it was an absolute CHORE to do it. We ended up snapping a rifle in half and got caught on the mountain in the dark. Big southeast goats are monsters to say the least. I was totally shocked on how big they are once on the ground. I would do it again, but would not like it at all. You will surely have 150# pack minimum with meat, full cape and horns.

                I did pack out a nanny and a small billy solo, so that can be done, but a mature billy is a "pack" full!


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                  size of Goat

                  Most of all it depends on the size of the Goat .... You did say 'full' cape.

                  Some of the larger Billies we have taken were in excess of 300 lbs estimated live weight. With one that size there is no way ... just the meat is an overload ... and a wet rained on full body cape .. even with the skull and feet (down to the last toe bone) taken out and fleshed well ... also a very heavy load ...

                  It's almost always better to have a packer or just plan on 2 loads out.

                  The places (most Goat hunts) we hunt you would not want a broken or sprained knee or
                  ankle. That action would absolutely ruin your day.
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                    it can be done, but ditto to the 150lbs give or take a big billy will kill you a small billy or decent nanny won't be as bad. Two guys is much nicer but if you don't mind crying alone in the shale slides, packin' a goat alone is a great way to go!
                    lifesize billy hide...est 40-50lbs
                    boned out meat decent billy....est 65-80lbs (there are big billies and monster billies and the difference in body size will amaze you)
                    what ever spike camp you've got....est....40-50lbs
                    equals 150lbs give some more than likely.
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                      Packed 2

                      I have packed 2, the first one was all by myself with all my gear, Man that was one heavy load, It hurt to walk for three days after. The second one was allot nicer 1 Goat for two packs made it allot more enjoyable. Both Goats were nice Billies, 9 1/4" and 10.5".



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                        I took a young 9" male on the Kenai a few years ago. I got half way out of a 5 mile or so trek, and thought screw this. I stashed my gear in a tree, got the goat out of there and went to sleep. Next day sealed it, dropped at taxi, then drove back to get gear. It is espcially difficult packing that gear and animal when the ground/grass is wet, and goat hunting is usually a wet affair.


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                          1 trip would not be smart solo.

                          Taken several goats & in my opinion I think it would be very foolish to even try it unless 90% of your hike back is FLAT LEVEL ground. If someone has gear & takes a "muture BILLY goat" in true goat country I say no way! There is just to much weight in meat, entire hide, & gear. But I never been lucky enough to drop a goat less than a 1000' vertcile feet from a truck or plane. I am a big guy @ 6.6 220lbs & I do cardio several times a week. Make it easy on yourself & do it in two trips. Your knees will thank you & so will your loved ones.
                          Goats can kill just as quick as any brown bear in a round about way. A majority of my walking the tight rope between life & dealth have been on goat hunts. I rather be charged by a brown bear w/ rifle in hand than out on some ledge praying that my foot hold is as good as I think it is.
                          I did a bit of research & left the leg bones in on my 3rd goat just to see what they weighed. It was a 1 pound for each one basically. So I no longer bone out the legs in the field. Meat stays cleaner & easier to hang later. Two trips. Good luck & be safe.


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                            depends on you...

                            others have echo'd the same...but it really depends on you. I am not a big guy...5'9" and about 175...depending on dinner. I feel pretty capable in the mountains. I have packed out only 2 goats and 4 sheep but numerous moose hindquarters have been attached to my back. My last goat scored 51 B&C points and was, as BRWNBR put it, a big (but not monster) billy. I packed the entire hide (lifesized with skull and ankles attached) and all the meat (hinds were bone in, the rest was deboned) about 4 miles. The weight (my guess was 125lbs) was distributed quite well in my barneys pack, but most of the pack was either on level ground or downhill. I also had no spike camp as we hunted from the airplane. Bottom line, there are guys that can put my arse in the dirt, and there are guys whose arse I can put in the dirt...where you fall in the spectrum determines what you're capable of...happy hunting!
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                              I had 95lbs of boneless meat from my Kodiak goat. I weighted it at Sea Hawks Air office and that was meat only. Once you add cape,horns,rifle,and camp you are asking for trouble if you pack it out in one trip. To me its not worth hurting yourself after a great sucessfull hunt. It would suck to end it by hurting yourself.


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