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20 A Moose questions

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  • 20 A Moose questions

    Hi guys. My brother hunted unit 20a ten years ago on his first (and only) moose hunt and we are kicking around the idea of returning to that same area (around the Ft Greeley area) for my first moose hunt. Are there any charter flights that you would recommend for this area, and what type of fee would I be looking at. My brother paid around $600 each, but that was 10 years ago. Thanks for any information you may have. Troy

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    You might look up 40 Mile Air. They have a web page with prices and contact information. They are in Tok, but I think they do a little work in that area. Jim Cummings is flying me out on a sheep hunt in a supercub, but I think he also has a larger plane that he may fly people out on for moose.


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      40 mile, used once, going again...recommended


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        Depending on the area you are planning on hunting you can fly in or use atvs, horses, etc. Fort Greely is a big area.

        Jim Cummings flys out of Delta and has a great operation with different size aircraft and lots of experience in that area.

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          Wrights also does 20A moose hunts, but your not flying with anyone of those charters for 600 per person. you better plan on at least 1500 per person


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            I'm going in with Wrights to 20A this fall for $1400 / per, in the Helio Courier.


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