Alaska Friends of Wildlife visits Bethel



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  • Alaska Friends of Wildlife visits Bethel

    Alaska Friends of Wildlife were petitioning at our A.C. store on Monday afternoon. They had people signing some petition against the aerial gunning of grizzly bears.

    #1.... I have never heard of gunning grizzly's from planes??? I mean, even in the Predator Management Area?

    So, is there something in Juneau that refers to this? or.... are they just blowing smoke to cover for some of other Anti hunting agenda.

    When I was in Anchorage last March, they tried to get me sign the same thing.

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    Kusko, those people lie so much, that they are starting to believe themselves....

    - Clint


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      I think you're talking about Alaskans For Wildlife. The link shows the ballot proposal language.

      What percentage of folks would you estimate are signing the initiative?
      Mark Richards


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        this summer

        THey were in Anchorage this past summer doing the same thing, hit the wife and I up, they were tell the Non Res that Alaska was shooting bears from the air just like wolves


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          friends of wildlife

          I wonder if we can start a petition for an "anti" management control area with ariel gunning for the anti's allowed


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            You really have to watch these folks. They twist and distort facts to get signatures for referendum initiatives. They(anti-hunting groups) had similar tactics here in Maine the year before we had the Bear Referendum put on our ballot here in 2004. They waited at the polls (the previous year)for people to walk out and then hit them up for signatures to stop (as they put it) the unethical, unfair, and barbaric practices used to hunt bear. I know of many people who signed it thinking an illegal activity was going on under their noses. Once they heard the facts they would say the wished they never signed it the petition.

            They ran commericals that showed an illegal operation out of Oregon using hounds and tried to pass it on as what was going on in Maine. It didn't matter that the commerical showed about 8-10 hounds treeing a bear, when in fact Maine only allows four hounds to be used for bear hunting. They hid funding for these commercials so that the people of the state would not see that 90% of the money coming in to support this anti-hunting referendum was coming from out of state anti-hunting organizations. In fact the lions share of the money (nearly one million dollars) came from the Humane Society of the US out of Washington DC. The largest anti-hunting organization in the country.

            Their biggest spokesperson was a former hunter/guide who lost his hunting priviledges because he assaulted a property owner who told him he was on private property, threatened game wardens and broke several game laws. But the anti's tried to pass him on as an honest hunter who believed that hunting bears was unethical. Also, they didn't tell you that he guided using these methods as the way he made his living before he couldn't do it anymore.

            Make no mistake, these people are sneaky, underhanded and will distort facts to promote their agenda. If they are gathering signatures you know they are not for nothing. Take that from someone who has fought them on the front lines.
            If you take the woods out of the woodsman you have nothing left but a man in the woods.


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              Kusko, you need to pay better attention to folks like that, and get the story straight. Knowledge is power.
              This is Nick Jans group I bet. Nick is a well known author, who used to be a teacher in Ambler, on the Kobuk R. Nick used to hunt alot up there and did his share of wolf and bear hunting. His expoits are well documented in his books.
              Since marrying a caucasion lady and moving to Juneau, Nick has made his living as a writer and photographer. He formed this group and now goes around making statements like, "I'm sorry for every bear I killed"!
              His group was active last year trying to get signatures for a ballot iniative to be on the ballot this coming Nov. They failed to get enough signatures( you can thank the new ballot iniative requirements for that), but have promised to get right back at it for the next election cycle. Looks like they are already active in Bethel.
              The groups iniative, I think, would force the state to use ONLY state employees to do pred control. So for the wolf hunting, only state employees could fly and shoot. This would of course kill the program as it would be way too costly.
              I don't think there is any pred control plans to aeriel gun bears, tho there was one for same day airborn maybe. I suspect that whoever you spoke to Kusko, was just exagerating to get signatures. They now have to get a certain per centage of the number of folks who voted in the last election from each region to sign their petition, to get it on the basllot. I think they have the next 2 years to do this.
              It is really important that rural folks, if they disagree with this group, to monitor what they are doing in your community. These guys, Nick and his group, don't care if you get a moose or a bou. Nick is just doing this (in my opinion) to get his name in the news and sell books. He always has books for sale when he's in thse communities, and of course does book signings. His group may very well get enough signatures in Anch. and maybe Fbks., but they will really need to work to get enough in the rural areas. It is the larger towns, like Bet, Nome, and Kotz, where they are hoping to get those rural sigs.
              Keep an eye on them kusko..............hey, have the local Ad Comm members call and complain to AC. AC is private properety...........get em kicked out.
              I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
              I have less friends now!!


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                I hope those folks were giving a warm welcome
                Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

                If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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                  Originally posted by martentrapper View Post
                  Kusko, you need to pay better attention to folks like that, and get the story straight. Knowledge is power.
                  Yeah, MT, you are right, I should have, but I had a cart full of groceries and my 9 month old and 5 year old along.

                  Nick Jans, God, what a disappointment. It's almost as bad as Anne Heche's lapse in good judgement.

                  The next time they are in town, I'll make a huge stink about what they are doing.


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