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Moose and caribou hunting permits for the Nelchina Basin

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  • Moose and caribou hunting permits for the Nelchina Basin

    The Alaska Board of Game (BOG) is meeting in Anchorage this weekend, October 7th and 8th, to deliberate on proposed changes to Nelchina caribou and GMU 13 moose subsistence Tier II hunts.
    Historically over half of the applicants for Nelchina caribou Tier II subsistence hunting permits come from residents of Anchorage, Mat-Su. and the Kenai. The Board of Game could adopt, among other options, regulations to eliminate all Alaskan residents who live outside of GMU 13 or 11 from hunting moose or Nelchina caribou there or they could put all Alaskan residents who don’t live in the Nelchina Basin in a limited drawing permit for Tier I permits, which would occur only after local residents who meet the criteria for “customary and traditional use” ( AAC 99.010) get their animals under Tier II regulations.
    The BOG is asking for public comment on these changes and will take your oral or written comments at the BOG meeting which will be held at the Howard Johnson Hotel, 239 W 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK. If you currently hunt, or would like the opportunity to hunt in the Nelchina Basin someday you should stop by and let the BOG know your opinion before they adopt any new regulations to determine who will get the opportunity to hunt moose or caribou in GMU 13 or 11. The BOG proposals are available for review on the ADF&G website.

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    Thanks for the reminder. Maybe age is blinding but I could,'t find the times listed on their site-do you know?



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