Any success with Delta bison yet?



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  • Any success with Delta bison yet?

    Has anyone heard how the Delta bison hunt is going so far? Any of you guys get one yet? Any pictures? My wife gets to hunt for bison in two more weeks.

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    Haven't heard, the guys that I know with permits have hunt dates the middle of this month.

    I just picked up my mount from last year, good luck and it's a fun hunt.


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      Good luck Chilly's wife

      Nice mount Kurt!

      How do you get drawn for that hunt? Put in a $100 dollar bill or two with the permit? HA! I've been putting in for that hunt for 20 something years and haven't got drawn yet. oh well <sigh>
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        It's a religious thing, you give faithfully to the Bison Gods for 25 years and about the time you think it's just an annual donation, you get drawn. Keep the faith.

        It was a special hunt for me as it was a father son thing and it doesn't get any better than that.



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          Delta Bison

          Had a friend who took his son down there recently and got a pretty nice one. I will see if he has the pictures yet.


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            I'm heading up there with my lucky sister next weekend. I'll let you all know how it goes at that point. I got my bison out of Farewell 4 years ago, so I haven't been able to put in for any drawings since. When I can, though, I'll certainly hope that lightning strikes twice!



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