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  • 300 UM ammunition price

    This is probably a rookie question, but does anybody know what the heck happened to make the price of ammunition for the 300 ultra mag jump so dramatically about a month ago? I bought a Remington 700 BDL 300 UM (stainless, synthetic) a couple years ago & REALLY like it -- very flat shooting, with plenty of punch. At the time I bought it, I knew ammunition prices were high, but I expected (incorrectly?) that the caliber would become more and more popular and the price would maybe go down or at least stay steady. However, about a month ago (thankfully, right after I had purchased a couple boxes), the price jumped by $10-13/box -- the few options I can find in Anchorage now seem to run well over $50/box -- ouch!!

    Anybody have a clue -- other than supply/demand?

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    Don't know

    Don't know but I was looking at a .325 WSM until I saw the price of ammunition. With 300 cases for the .35 Whelen I am going to stick with that.

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      There has been an average price increase in ammunition of about 11% nationwide. Raw material, labor, fuel and other cost have risen and the companies cannot afford to absorb these prices in order to keep cost down. Then when you start throwing in the shipping cost to Alaska also increasing, it all adds up.


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        I have owned a 300 rum for a few years now, it seems the ammunition has always been expensive. the words 300 rum and inexpensive do not belong in the same sentence. Unless you reload your own I suppose.


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          375 rum

          I've was just pricing ammo the other day for my 375 rum. Cheapest I found was $70/box. I'm glad I stocked up a couple years ago when I found some in the lower 48 for $45/box and everyone else was $55-$60. I got 4 boxes left, but after that it'll get painful to shoot in a whole new way -- $3.50 to $4.00 every time I squeeze one off?

          I do not think this is strictly from increased costs by the manufacturers. I have not seen as great an increase(%) in the more standard calibers such as 375H&H and 300winmag. My economics class in college taught me that price has very little to do with what it cost to make. Price is determined by what the market will support.


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            Going rate, and hard to find

            $50.00/box seems to be the going rate everywhere. I too just bought an UM not too long ago. I'm going to plan on either learning to reload or having the rifle rebarrelled to another caliber. I can almost live with the price of the ammo if I HAD to, my issue is there isn't anyone within 60 mile of the house that carries the stuff. And if I'm luck and find shells, the choices aren't much. I had to order on-line to get what I needed.



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              The last time I bought ammo for my 300RUM, ammo for $42.95 a box.

              That is why I reload, as I can reload a box for about 10 bucks worth of materials.


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                No lie....

                Originally posted by Daveinthebush View Post
                Don't know but I was looking at a .325 WSM until I saw the price of ammunition. With 300 cases for the .35 Whelen I am going to stick with that.
                Ya, it's spendy. I just bought a Kimber MT .325. Bought 4 boxes of ammo and will probably start reloading. I think they were 42 a box at SW here in Fairbanks.
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                  Components have gone up 3 times so far this year and expect to see another 3-4% hike before Christmas. I buy components in bulk for highpower shooters. I'm not saying anyone likes it at all, but brass, powder, bullets and all have gone up horribly this year.

                  I can't even imagine shooting anything with factory ammo these days. Scary.



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                    I don't buy any bullets for the .375 ultra anymore. Reloading just gives you many more choices for bullets. I am a barnes Triple shock freak, so the 270 grain out of my .375 ultra is dynamite! Talk about accurate, three shots @ 100 yards and each bullet was touching each other! I noticed how the box of .300 grain SAF were over $70 at sportsmans warehouse. That is too much for me.


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                      Here are price4s from one of my Distributors catalogs. One price is from the Fall 2005 Catalog and the other is from the Fall 2006 Catalog. I will quote the price for the same ammo from each catalog.

                      Remington 270 Winchester 130 grain SP Core-Lokt

                      2005 price 14.50 per box of 20 2006 17.28 per box of 20.

                      Remington 300 Winchester Magnum 180 grain SP Core-Lokt.

                      2005 Fall price 19.09. 2006 Fall price 22.74

                      Winchester 22.250 Remington 50 grain.

                      2005 Fall price 13.90 per box of 20 2006 Fall price 16.56 per box of 20.

                      Winchester 300 Winchester Magnum 180 grain.

                      2005 Fall price 25.62. 2006 Fall price 31.09

                      Remington 300 RUM 150 grain Swift Scirocco.

                      2005 Fall price 34.47 2006 Fall price 41.05.

                      These were just some examples but all throughout the ammo there is this price increase in ammunition.


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                        Some component prices have gone up a fair amount in the past 6 months...early last spring I picked up a box of 165 Hornady Interbonds for $27 through Cabelas. Ordered another box a couple months ago and the price had gone up to $36. They had a disclaimer posted on each of the components page that due to fluctuating raw material prices, that their prices may change on short notice.

                        I haven't noticed price hikes on the other components that rost495 mentioned...yet...but haven't bought anything besides bullets in a while. May need to start stocking up!


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                          Is there enough copper in the bullet jackets and such to make a difference? Copper is through the roof right now! When I have priced out wire I see that 250' of 12-2 romex is $114 at Lowes. Last year I think I paid $45. Maybe copper is the culprit in ammo too?

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                            Copper and brass prices are both high right now. The price of copper is almost double what it was this time last year.
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                              Boy...I sure hope this thread dies quick. If Coral reads this, I'll have to wait another 2 months before she buys me that .300!!

                              Not sure what .300 goes for down here, but I just blasted $30.91 a box worth of Federal Premium Vital Shock stuffed in 7mm Rem Mag this past 2 weeks at the range. I love to shoot...can you tell!

                              On a more serious note...I admit that I haven't put a full-fledged effort into it yet, but I have indulged in a few reloading books and I have to tell ya that it "looks French to me"! I have got to get into this, but I am quite frankly...a little scared. I know it can be very complicated and that you shouldn't start until you have a firm understanding. I just wonder if it would be better to see it done a few times first...I couldn't even tell you the procedure. How did you guys get started? Any recommendations?

                              Thought it would be one of those great Fairbanks "wintertime activities"!


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