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    Just got my draw, man I'm lucky. Will probably book Monday with a transporter. For folks that have done this before, did you do it buy yourself? Would you recommend? I have done a fly in before, see below, but this is the first time that I have ever gotten a draw so unsure how finding a good partner would work, and even if people go with partners. Suggestions??
    My WAC Hunt
    My Delta Management Area (DMA - DS204) Hunt

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    You had better book your air NOW. You are way behind the power curve. Most people book the same day the draws come out or very shorty there after.

    Good Luck
    "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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      I'd say going solo or with someone else is all up to you and how you feel about the hunt. Personally I prefer to do these things with someone else to help with the work and share in the good times. Adding another person, especially if you are flying, will add cost. Not sure if the other guy is willing to pay his share of if you would have to foot the bill.

      I would think that is like buying something really expensive. If you have to ask, the answer is which case you should probably find a partner. I think there is someone on this forum that is looking for a DS204 partner. Not sure though, that might have been another hunt.

      As for a transporter, I think it comes down to 40 mile air and Golden Eagle Outfitters (Jim Cummings). I drew this permit as well and we are flying in with Jim Cummings. Other options are available as well, such as 4 wheelers, horseback, fly in and then float out, etc.

      I agree with Steve, you are a little behind. You should be able to find someone to get you in there though.

      Good luck,


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        I have no objections to venturing out solo, but I think only you can answer that question about yourself.

        When I was chatting with air charters before I booked for my DS103 hunt, I had one taxi service note (I paraphrase) that the success rate for solo hunters in the draw areas is significantly lower (~10%) than partner hunts (~40%). He said that is often due to the fact that he gets called by the solo hunters for early pick ups. Moral of the story is that you need to know your mentality and abilities.

        I have "played Sherpa" for my hunting partner in the past when he drew tags and I did not, and the experience for me is just as great as if I had a tag in my pocket.

        I think Gary at M&M Charters has some slots remaining (, but I wouldn't delay too much longer.



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          The DCUA is rough country and you may have to cover a fair amount of ground to get to the rams. I would suggest you go with a partner and call an air taxi now if you plan to fly in. I can recommend Golden Eagle and M&M. 40 Mile will not take you if you are alone.


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