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Spring Bear, What Rifle, Cartridge and Load?

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  • Spring Bear, What Rifle, Cartridge and Load?

    With spring bear season just around the corner, I thought I would stimulate our anticipaion a little by asking what rfile, cartridge and load you plan to use? Also what type and size of bear are you after? And anything else you want to add.

    I'll start...

    I am getting a Rem Sendero in 300 RUM. The owner says it has 20 shots down the tube and will shoot a quarter size group @ 350 yds with factory Rem 180 Scirrocos. I'm expecting about 3200 fps with this factory load and plan to work up other loads with 180 E-tips that may reach 3300-3400 fps. I'll put a Nightforce 5 1/2 - 22 x 500 scope on it. This will be a great looooong range outfit.

    I'll be after a blackie, no griz hunting here yet. I'd like to get one about 300 lbs or so.

    My hunting will be walking and glassing on closed FS roads, trails and sunnyside slopes. Last year, I took a little nap in the early afternoon and when I sat up about 20 min later, I looked to my right and there was a bear about 150 yds away. When I worked in a little closer I noticed a cub seconds before I was going to fire at about 20 yds.
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    Originally posted by MontanaRifleman View Post
    With spring bear season just around the corner, I thought I would stimulate our anticipaion a little by asking what rfile, cartridge and load you plan to use?

    The one I have in my hands when I see one!....grin Black bears arent hard to kill by any stretch of the imagination, though where you put the boolit/broadhead always plays a large part of the equation.


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      Bear Bustin'

      Been using my Win M70 in 338 and worked flawlessly with 250gr Nos. Part.
      Took down two blackies last year (6'7 & 6'4), Have to agree shot placement is indeed everything, have some buddies that still swear by the old '30. Now that you got me thinkin' bear, I might have to sneek out and check if any brownies are moving in about 30 days from now, got a new toy for them this year, 458 Lott.. Best of luck to everyone on the upcoming season and congrads on the tag draws!
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        You asked;

        Sako M-39, Czeck 147 grain LPS FMJ's

        Excellent rifle, average shooter, deep penatrating bullets, making big holes, busting big bones.

        Placement is key, and I have had most excellent results EVERY time.
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          Rem. 700, .338 Win. Mag. with 225 gr. Swift A-Frames.


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            I don't get serious about bear hunting until the blueberries get ripe, so in the spring I carry the 30-30 more than anything. If I see a bear that I really want to shoot, I get close enough to make the shot with the 30-30 and peep sight or he lives another day. Mainly in the spring I'm just happy to get out. Killing a bear is a bonus, but not necessary....unless the freezer is getting empty. If I need the meat, I'm more likely to use the '06.
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              My nephew will be priority #1 on our spring black bear trip. He'll be using a Remington Model 700 Youth in 7mm-08. At this time I'm planning to have him shoot 140gr core-lokt bullets, but a member here has offered to help me load some custom rounds. If we do that, he might be shooting something different.

              If he gets a bear early in the hunt, I'll follow up with my bow. I've got older gold-tip carbon arrows, but they still fly straight. I may upgrade my arrows, though, and if I do I'll probably also try FOBs and new broadheads. As it is, though, I'm shooting Thunderhead 100s.

              If time allows, I'll also make a couple of weekend trips for interior grizz. In that case, I'll likely be shooting my Ruger 338wm with Federal 210 nosler partitions.

              As for size of bear, I really don't care. I won't shoot a cub, but I don't plan to make any of them into a rug. I'm really after the meat/experience on the black bears, and any hides we get will just hang from a hook (unless the grizz is blonde and beautiful, in which case my wife has a spot picked out).
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                I plan on using my 9.3x62 this year. Still have to work up a good load for the 250gr TSX's.

                Black or brown, it doesnt matter. this year I'm gonna do things a tad bit differnt. I'm gonna stick around the kenai and unit 13.


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                  Custom cz 550 375 H&H with 260 grain accubonds @2700 fps...
                  might try the 300 graing accubonds if i have time forload development.
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                    Getting anxious to try either my Ruger .480 or the Puma lever .480 with Buffalo Bore 370 grain bullets.
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                      Kimber Talkeetna 375 H&H
                      In the Bush


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                        For black bear baiting this spring I'll be using my stainless featherweight model 70 350 rem. mag. shooting 200-grain Hornady spire points. Also will use my 375 Ruger Alaskan with 270-grain TSX's.


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                          Kimber Montana in .30-06 using Hornady 220 grain RN bullets. It will pack a decent punch and the bullets will open nicely at the velocity the .30-06 will push them.
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                            Nosler M48 in .300WSM shooting either 180gr Accubonds or Partitions.
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                              Such HUGE guns...

                              for lil' ole', I thought .270/30-06 would suffice...


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