Lady Hunters or Male Hunters Which is Easier to Guide..???



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  • Lady Hunters or Male Hunters Which is Easier to Guide..???

    This is a Question for the Professional Hunting Guides: (and Professional Fishing Guides).......Lady Hunters vs. Males Hunters.......what conclusions do you have based on time in the field with both.

    Is one more likely to complain, Is one more likely to try to manage the hunt, Is one more likely to be a Madonna, Is one more likely to help with camp work, Is one more likely to watch you do everything, like you were the hired help. Which is more likely to have complaints about the weather, etc., Which is generally more pleasant to be in the Field with.....????

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    I guide people in the saltwater... In my experience, women are very good at following instructions, compared to the guys, and that usually translates into more fish for them. I once had a 15 year old girl on my charter boat with her dad and his friends. She followed my instructions perfectly when it came to Mooching for coho's with a cut plug, and she got more bites than all the guys put together.
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      I'm a saltwater guide too. I have had good and bad experiences with both , everyone is different . Also, last time I checked we were "the hired help" .


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        had great of both....women tend to communicate a little better how they are doing and feeling and if they feel they need help, they'll ask for it. Guys just seem to get stubborn and try to "cowboy up" makin' things even worse.
        but as far as helping around camp...guys were better. except when my wife is out guiding with me, she's all over the place takin' care of stuff.
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          Easier to guide...

          Well speaking as a woman, I would have to vote for women being more apt to listen, help, catch more, shoot more, oh and look better doing it all!


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            women? any time.

            Originally posted by Fishbyday View Post
            Well speaking as a woman, I would have to vote for women being more apt to listen, help, catch more, shoot more, oh and look better doing it all!
            Especially that last part.

            The one and only experience I had guiding a female hunter was one of the best I've ever had. It could be quite a long story, but I'll keep it short.

            She booked the caribou hunt at the SCI show in Reno with us after talking with everyone from Alaska. Never been on a big game hunt, just picked up a 30.06 and had started shooting.

            A couple of weeks after the show a letter from her shows up. It's two pages mostly questions about everything involved in the hunt. The best part of the letter was the first sentence which in so many words said "I don't know anything and I admit it." That was WAY better than a guy showing up in camp who doesn't know his butt from a hot rock, but thinks he knows everything.

            As luck would have it she shot a near book 'bou the first day, standing shot about 100 yards, dropped in his tracks. The pictures of her with her bull with pink ribbon in her hair and pink trail tape on the antlers were taken especially for the good ole boys at her gun range.

            She stayed for the remainder of the hunt amazed by the Alaska tundra and wanting to learn anything. Two thumbs up for women clients.
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              Boys and girls

              If I have seen 300+ clients pass through different guide camps, only four client-hunters have been female. And I have only guided one female. She was a great listener and shooter.

              So I just have not observed nearly enough female hunting clients to contribute much. Now when it comes to helping with camp chores, I prefer that I do the entire deal. Other than helping me erect a large tent in the wind, camp chores are my job and my client hunters are on vacation. But, if a guide wants help throughout the hunt, then the only way that will happen is if the client volunteers immediately to help....and I let them. That client will never stop helping out. But if you don't get them involved early, help does not happen. I'll be washing all the dishes and pumping all the filtered water.

              Seriously, the vast majority of client hunters are absolutely great. The are generally hunters just like you and I. Some have 40 years of hunting experience all over the world, only occasionally do you get a totally green client. And remember that a large part of guide job to to train, when necessary, and influence cooperation. The client hunter who was the most green when he originally hunted with me five years ago, has hunted with me four times, with a fifth hunt planned for Aug '09. He has become a great family friend. If I'm not home when he calls me, then he and my wife talk about southwestern food or Palins failed bid for V.P. Again, most every hunter is reallly great. They just figured out a way to earn enough money to have some extras in life, and I did not.

              On a semi-related topic, if I were a thread hijacker....don't get me going on father and teen-son client-hunters. On a few occasions I have had to ask daddy to get out of juniors case so I could start having fun. I am often amazed at how fathers poorly communicate with their sons while in the bush. I mean that most teen and young 20 something males don't even want to be there. With dad gone hunting in Alaska the kid would rather be left home chasing girls in dads nice car or truck. My personal policy has always been -No yelling at your duck dog before the ducks start flying. No yelling at your kids in camp because they might not even want to be there. And if left alone at first to their own thoughts, most will eventually learn alot about Alaska, about hunting and about wildlife ecology. And they will probably find that llittle flame of hunting-interest inside, and then thet will drive you crazy with interested quesstions.

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                I worked on party boats in Southern California for 10 years and have done the whole gambit of half day to long range multi-day (up to 13 day long trips) and it greatly depends on who they are with and the amount of experience they have. The clientel were all over the the place from first time seeing saltwater to people that I swore I saw more than my own family.
                There are all kinds of people in this world and everyone has their own personality. Granted it has been mostly guys I would take fishing somewhere in the 9 to 1 ratio, men to women, but had great outdoor memories with both. There are peopleI would be excited to take fishing again and of course there are the people that I would rather never see again, but that's what makes the world interesting.
                I think I am rather good with dealing with a wide range of people on where I can see they need help and where they don't. The sex of the person means less as is the attitude on how the person takes critism and overall attitude. I've had a mix from both.
                As for helping out, well, we had crew to do that, especially fishing long range where there were 7 crew members for 20 to 30 passengers. Two crew were dedicated galley chefs that would help out on deck when fishing was hot. One main captain that would drive during the day to find the fish and talk to the fleet. The remaining 4 with at least one other having a license and most likely some of the other guys that were there to do nothing but aid customers in whatever was needed. Undoing tangles, gaffing fish, cheerleader, engineer, biologist and janitor were all in the day's work. Our work was appreciated by some more than others, and some customers are just easier to approach and talk to than others. So what the people did, around the boat did not really matter, as long as a person was not infringing on another's good time.
                Most women would typically be shy at first, but after breaking the ice, were right in there with the guys drinking beer, making jokes, and such. The new guys to fishing or style of trip, especially by themselves would be shy as well.
                So in short, I've dealt with thousands of people (the half day boat carried up to 90 people) and it is all in the attitude since there are guys and gals that are jerks or want to be waited on hand and foot to unreasonable expectations and there are others that got along just fine.
                Talking about it kinda makes me want to go back to it (long range fishing, that is, because of the least amount of time I'd have to be in California.)


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                  I am not a guide, but have been on guided hunts in several countries. Two of my guides have been women and they were both as good as it gets. Excellent outdoorspeople who knew not only the game, but much information about everything in their respective locations. I have seen women hunters in spike camps and they seemed to be having a great time whether they were on game or not. Easy to get along with and they were not mad if they did not shoot a monster every day.

                  I am planning to go on another trip with my Alaskan female guide, so I know of no higher praise to give her than that. She is awesome! Actually, I hope to make several return trips with her as I am able.

                  I am sorry for being a little off topic here. It is just that I have heard so many men make derogatory remarks about guides just because they are femal and it really irks me. Few male guides are as good as the two female guides I have hunted with.

                  ETA-OK, OK, I am a guy and I will admit that having some talent around the camp never hurts anything either!

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