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  • Meat storage in Kotzebue

    I am looking for meat storage in Kotzebue. Does anyone know itf there is a place to have it stored. Anyone have a friend or family with a freezer that would rent it out for a week. My air charter doesnt have one available.

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    meat processing

    The issue of meat processing and storage is an ongoing issue up here. It has been discussed many times and will be in 6 months. Here is the skinny on a commercial meat facility up here; We have 2 cold storage facilities in Kotz, both owned by a tribal agency. Because of the on going political pressures there will not be any chance of a meat facility being set up by some one who lives up here, just to much political crap to deal with. If some one from the outside would ship up a conex reefer unit and rent a spot at the airport he or she could do very well as almost all hunting groups would use it. 30 days of intense work and then pack your bags and go home.

    I have been approached 2x by guys looking for a partner and wanting to do this but politically it would be a nightmare for any of us who live year round.

    Good luck guys and I hope someone with some time and $ jumps in and makes it work!



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      I have a 3X6 freezer in Deering that could be shipped for 100$ or so to Kotz....just no place to put it.

      Man, Northwestalaska, if I could I surly wold get into any form of Storage in Kotz, Not much room there.

      The politics of keeping out hunters is a $h!tstorm there in Kotzebue.
      I dont think it will change soon, as we have the same Political professional "Board Sitters" chewing the same cud 20 + years now.

      Funny, these villages look for hunters, to sell arts/crafts and put people up in a room or two for extra $$

      Ever notice the loudest crys come from those who DO NOT hunt??:rolleyes:
      If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

      "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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