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  • Sheep do it yourself hunters

    Posted some pics on my pers album of hunts done. Not sure why they didnt show up on personal album page? Point is quality hunts can be done with proper planning, be willing to pass up the regular stuff to get a chance at what you are dreaming of. If its a once in a lifetime hunt for you treat it like one. Do the research or hire someone to help you. The idea you can take some of these fantastic creatures for the price of a tag and not have to hire a guide is the deal of the century. There is nothing cheap about anything in Alaska so dont miss a hunt of a lifetime by not putting enuff effort into it. The idea of hunting sheep anywhere but in Ak is almost unobtainable for most of us. Its a honor and humbling to have the chance to spend a week hunting in Alaska and esp. in these draw areas. Make the most of it.

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    Those are some awesome Pictures! Would like to hear some of the stories that go with them. Congrats on all those fine animals.


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      Super nice site. Story on that huge Bear?


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        Fantastic Pictures. Looks like you have been blessed with a few hunting partners Thanks for sharing and may there be many more just like it in the future.



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          Great pic's

          thanks for sharing your portfolio of pictures. looks like a lot of great memories. As much as I was impressed with the fish and game I was most impressed with the women in your life. Absolutely beutiful wife and daughters. It's hard to beat a picture of a beutiful outdoors girl in the alaska mtns. with a dall sheep!


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            welcome to the forum! I can only hope that my three boys are one day the hunting partners to me that your daughters have been to you! That is an amazing gallery!
            Rep added for the great post!


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              Great photo album & sweet experiences to share with your family. What great memories!


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                Great photos,Beautiful family.Congradgulations on all the sucsess and great memories.

                I have three daughters and can't wait till they are old enogh to go.


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