Late season Kodiak Blacktails question



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  • Late season Kodiak Blacktails question

    Planning a Kodiak Blacktail hunt and have some questions. I have a transporter lined up but looking at some different dates and have some questions.

    We are looking at going late, starting our hunt around Nov. 28th as it works best for our schedule but depending on what we hear, may try earlier. Will be on the South end of Kodiak.

    Are there any advantages/disadvantages in going this late over earlier?

    I have heard blacktails shed "early", any idea when they start shedding their antlers?

    Any words of advice for a 1st time Blacktail hunter?

    Thanks for you help!

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    late is fine

    I've taken bucks with racks as late as January, then seen some loose racks as early as December.
    Providing trips for multilpe species for over 20 yrs


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      days are shorter, which can limit hunting time;
      weather can go bad and get trapped in camp or never get out of Kodiak...
      just be flexible and take it all in stride.
      Been there, not much you can do about it when it happens.
      Look befoer your walk, bring good rain gear, layer up, so youcan strip down if it gets warm, or bundle up if it gets cold, wet etc
      Use your binoculars a lot, look, walk three steps, look some more, and look behind you a lot
      Have fun!


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        As kodiakcombo mentioned, I've seen bucks without their headgear as early as mid Dec on Kodiak and in Prince William Sound. I've also seen bucks with racks in late Jan, but I'd bet they were ready to fall off.

        Are you getting dropped off or coming back to the transporter boat each evening? If it's a daily thing, I'd try one day in the Bumble Bay area if the weather lets you. I've seen some nice bucks there in the summer while seining in the area and you might run into those caribou (reindeer).
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