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    Hi All. I have lerked around here for years now. Been to Alaska many times. Dreamed of moving and becoming a guide since I was a kid. Now 35 and finally dong it. I will be guiding out of a lodge on Admiralty Island. Fishing the salt. I have offers of Moose in unit 20 as a packer/camp helper. And a goat guide in SE may have the same for the month of sept. I will be guiding for the lodge from May through August. I plan on getting any job I can with a hunting guide for the fall.

    I will be running a few pretty serious mink lines during the winter. I will have a 32 footer and 20 footer in tow for running my line throughout Admiralty Island.

    I will be lodge sitting through the off season. I have hunted AK a few times, fished it hundreds. I won't have another job aside from the guiding and my trap line. So, anyone needing help in their guided hunts, I am available from October until March.

    Any one going hunting (not with clients) and need an extra hand, let me know. I will come along and help for free. Just looking to get more Alaska experience. Best way to learn is from those who do it on the regular.

    I look forward to sharing the woods and waters with you folks.

    Anyone thats going to be close to where I am going, let me know, I will need a fishing/hunting partner every now and then. Any one with some tips for my area, I know the waters for fishing but will be learning the area for trapping and hunting. Looking forward to Blackies in unit 3.
    Take a youngster out when you go, it will change his/her life forever!!

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    Man you got the set I wish I had. Sounds like you have it all figured out. Hope I get to use you as my guide one day. I am in my late 30's and realizing that my clock is about to ring.."too old too old" to fulfill some dreams. Congrats and good luck.


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      PM Sent

      Check your inbox......


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        Where at on Admiralty.


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          I will be in the Pybus Bay area. Pybus Point Lodge.
          Take a youngster out when you go, it will change his/her life forever!!


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