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  • Craziest thing I ever heard

    I heard this from a very reliable source and was wondering if anyone out there had any details on this.

    Apparently, two sheep hunters flew their planes into an area that is considered by a guide to be his own private hunting reserve. When they came back to their airplanes, the wings of both planes had been knocked off. The troopers were called by satelite phone and they contacted the guide who the hunters suspected had done this. The guide,or relative of the guide with the same last name, admitted to the troopers that he had knocked the wings off the planes with the wheels of his plane, accidently, and offered to pay any damages.

    This happened in Unit 14 A and those sketchy details are all I was told. I was wondering if anyone else had heard anything about this.

    If this happened, it is about the craziest, most dangerous thing I have ever heard of.

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    Was it in the Trooper Blotter?


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      not sure

      I'm not sure of the dates abd didn't look in the trooper blotter. Also I do not know if charges were pressed because he offered to pay damages.


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        He actually flew into 2 airplanes and claims it was a accident? If this is true I hope they press charges agaist him, accident my *ss!!


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          I would have too look at this highly suspicous. Why would somebody damage 2 airplanes, in my opinion to keep other people out of that airstrip, and then confess to it and offer too pay damages? Sounds like somebody is spreading rumors. How does one fly into 2 planes parked on the ground and not do damage too their own plane?


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            Unless he dropped something on them I don't see how he could not damage his own plane either. It does sound like a crazy story though.


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              Yeah it's true

              Acording to my neighbor who knows one of the owners of one of the smashed up aircraft this did occur. From what he told me both planes had to be choppered out. Cost big $$$...... Pretty jacked up to say the least.


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                Thanks for the info - that's insane. I wonder what the cost of get those planes out will run?


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                  Please keep us updated.

                  Boy that is some serious retaliation. Sounds like someone got a little too territorial? You guys up there keep us posted on the story as the details come out. We don't need this stuff going on.

                  On the other hand, an aquaintence of mine came back from a Wy. elk hunt where he had 3 verbal confrontations from locals. They were all jacked up he was out there hunting THEIR ELK! He said all he did was put into the draw like anyone else and got picked. Sort of spoiled his sons' first cow kill.
                  One outburst hinted they knew where his camp was. Sure enough the next day he had a flat tire. Just really bad for the sport.


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                    I'm not saying this didn't happen but according to what was posted the guy used the wheels of his plane to take both wings off of 2 other planes and supposedly didn't damage his plane? And if he did do damage to his plane while doing this stunt, where and how did he manage to land his plane? Sorry but something just doesn't sound right. There has to be more to this story and some kind of a published story somewhere. This kind of stuff just doesn't happen in Alaska without it becoming very knowlegable very quickly. I realize we are a big State, but we have a relatively small aviation community.


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                      If this is true, that dude is a ***** and needs his plane damaged in some form.


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                        i heard this today too

                        i have a buddy who is a pilot/guide and he asked me if i knew the guy who did it...he had the guys name, but it escapes me. i'll ask him tomorrow...
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                          Wing bouncing

                          This is a very true story unfortunately. There is a forum on and the thread is "Wing Bouncing" The man in question is ***********. Pilot and guide. I'd really like to hear his side of the story.
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                            Appears true

                            It appears to be a true story. Go to and you will find it under Wing Bouncing. Seems to be a lot of FAA report on this guy too.

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                              AlleninAlaska, I had a pilot instructor that told me, "the landing gear on these small airplanes could penetrate the earth's crust." Of course there was a hint of sarcasm, but the point is they can take a beaten. My rental sure took a few good beatings while I was in training. If this story is true maybe the damage to the attacker's plane was tire damage. I have seen more than one plane land without tire(s) at birchwood airport.


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