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    I have some time, as I watch the little ones, so I found some pix.

    This story takes place at a tidal flat called "Pingoo", near the Kougruk River, along side the Kotzebue Sound.
    We were trying to ride the high tide into the mouth so we could get at Ducks and such, and Caribou are often beach combing here, so I had an eye and a rifle for them along.

    As we went into th emouth of the stream, we up and launched ourselfs on the sandbar in the mouth.
    I couldnt get the motor to flip up, so I could push us over to deep water, and was relating a story to the wife about how that had happpend the Spring before. While tussling with the Motors lift then, two Swan's flew straight at me, and it was as easy as picking up my shotgun and shooting twice, with one Swan landing IN the boat, and the other on the mouths Sand spit, an easy retrive, both dead on landing...LOL!

    Just as I was done saying that the wife says "Shhhhhhhhh, Caribou" and pointed at the tips of antlers tha were raising over the beach ridge.
    Just as easy as the last time, standing next to the boat, I reached down and picked up my rifle, and waited for the animal to walk to the beach, and when he got on the sand, he turned a nice 50 yard broadside, and I put one in back of his jaw. This blew out his arteries, so he just spewed torrents of blood around and stopped , for a moment, then he lerched tward the water stopped there for a second and then a couple steps right keeled over ath the waters this in about 2 seconds. I figure with the blood to his brain being drained dry, he was just going through his last kicks.

    Still, it took us a few more minutes untill we were off the sandbar and over to him, but he was indeed, a very nice catch.
    A nice hide for the wife, and good fat meat to eat.
    We spent the rest of the afternoon beach combing and picking Beach Greens to cook up. Leaving was easy as well, the low tide showed the sand bar....LOL!
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....

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    Sometimes, good things happen...

    "...with one Swan landing IN the boat".

    This was extraordinary, at least to me. And it looks like, you were only a few paddle strokes from having the caribou also land IN the boat. What a day!

    I guess it is true with hunting as it is with fishing, that if you put in your time, good things happen. Just not usually with game landing IN the boat!
    Thanks for sharing.
    No habitat, no hunter.


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      Talk about a lucky day hunting and beach combing! Where are the pics of the swans? How do they taste?

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        I caught the Swans the Springbefore while alone, stuck at the same spot, trying to get in the same stream, having the same problem with the motors tilt being stuck on the same sandbar....That was the story I was telling the wife, when it happened that the Caribou came this time rather than Swans.....strange enough that it kinda happend again, so It stuck in my head..LOL!
        Didnt take pictures of those peticular Swans, though I have lots of others.....

        Swan tastes just like Beef. Gota skin them, though, as plucking is TOO hard.....You can make nice kids Parkees with 3 or 4 good Swan skins.
        If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

        "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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          Love reading your post look for them everyday over here in iraq keep be busy and intertained and dream of one day getting back the to get some more hunting in before i have to leave and go some where else for a while. thanks keep posting


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            Im glad you like it much.

            Ill try to keep posting, hopefully with my own camera soon....the 9 on my shlf are just "shells' of their former selfs...:rolleyes:

            Thank you for serving
            If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

            "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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