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  • Sheep hunting partner needed!

    Figured I would start a page for all of us. If you are need of a sheep hunting partner then please post your request/requirement on this post. The goal here is to get you sheep hunting. I hunted several times by myself and hunts are more enjoyable when you can share the experience.

    C04hoosier posted several weeks ago looking for a partner and it was received very well. I posted the same request under his post. He found himself a hunting partner, so we should let his post die.

    I have received several messages and please donít think I am ignoring you. I wanted to post my info etcÖ If you would still like to talk about hunting after reading below then please let me know.

    Here is my background.

    I have hunted sheep for several years and have taken three and could have several more, but chose not to. I am regretting not taking the one I saw last year and more than likely will take one this year, but it will have to be big.

    So far I am planning to hunt the Wrangellís out of McCarthy. Will be using Gary from McCarthy air. Have used him on two other sheep hunts. Good pilot! Looking at going the first week or so of September and will go for 7-10 days. Each year is different, the latest one might be able to get dropped off on my first choice is the 7th. I do have a back up plan (still in the wrangells) if we get too much early snow. I am not stuck on this place, so if you already have (2) 44Ē rams spotted then let go to your place.

    Donít want to sound like a dick, but I do have some requirements.

    1. I would prefer you be a non smoker. At least during the hunt!

    2. I donít hunt with a tent, so you must use a bivy or pack your own tent.

    3. Looking to hunt 7 to 10 days and it will be after the 3rd of September. It will be cold!

    4. Will share all expenses. This includes the ride to McCarthy ( if coming out of Anchoarge/Palmer) and the air taxi.

    5. Drop off will be $1000. Need a $500 deposit. Non refundable!

    6. The other $500 will be paid once we arrive.

    7. My first choice for a drop off will require an 18 mile hike to the pick up point. If you canít pack $100+ pounds, 18 miles or so then donít consider this hunt. (hell I donít know if I can meet this requirement)

    8. Must have quality gear. I donít want someone wearing blue jeans.

    9. Must be an Alaska resident!

    So you are interested in a late sheep hunt and would like to talk further about it please send me a PM.


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    Thanks for you interest

    Just want to say thanks to all of you that have responded to my request. I did find a hunting partner and I hope you do as well.

    If I where you I would post an add like I and C04hoosier did. It works!



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