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  • How to apply for permits?

    Yes, Lazy, Guilty.
    I could probably search the forums but interaction with fellow homos(sapiens) is a good thing right?
    I see where some folks put in for multiple permits and I expect that must be expensive if it is similar to Idaho. Is that true.
    When must the apps be in? Fall and Spring? Are there available tags in each draw for all animals?
    As a Non-resident, I would love to donate but thought I might have to drop a couple grand just to apply and my wife doesn't want that much coin tied up.
    Is that true? Can I even apply?
    Thanks for indulging me...
    Nick Clegg
    Husband, Father, Hunter,
    Usually in that order

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    Well as a non-resident you'd have to purchase a non-resident hunting license. That'll run ya $85.

    Next the actually application for each tag is relatively cheap, $5. And you are only allowed to apply for 3 permits per species or $15 dollars. So if theoretically if you apply 3 permits for every possible species to draw it would end up being:

    Moose=$15, Caribou=$15, Sheep=$15, Goat=$15, Brown Bear=$15, Elk=$15, Bison=$15 & MuskOx=$15 for a total of $120. So as you can see the actually application cost is VERY low. Although I may have missed a species or two as its late but still its extremely affordable to apply for these permits. So for basically $200 bucks you can apply until your heart is content.

    Now, this is the last year that is going to have a winter & a spring draw. This basically means ALL the permits will be available to for draw at one time. There will only the winter draw and no spring draw. When that application period is exactly is still being determined.

    The spring draw application for this year and probably the last spring draw period for Alaska is going to be from May 1 thru May 31st 2009. The supplement will be available sometime shortly before the draw application period begins.

    A quick glance at this page and its links should get you all the additional information you need.

    Of course all of this is subject to change when a few hunters didn’t get the “memo” about the no spring draw, after it being on the website for a year, and raise heck. But that’s another thread.


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      You can apply

      Go to ADFG (Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game) on the internet and look up drawing permit application.
      As a non-res you can apply. The permits are either $5- or $10- per application w/a max of 3 app's per species.
      Next application window is in May with the results drawn in early July.
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        Lanche: Bison tags are $10 each.


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          Originally posted by LuJon View Post
          Lanche: Bison tags are $10 each.
          My bad. I never apply for those. So I guess just add 15 bucks to the total so you are up to $220. Still VERY cheap compared to other states we are giving your permits away. Not saying thats bad or good thing its just a fact.


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            nikster - In addition to the above explanations, realize that if you win a sheep, goat, or brown bear tag that you'll have to hire a guide unless you have a relative within the 2nd degree who lives in Alaska that is willing to accompany you.


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              Also realize if you draw a permit then you must buy a tag. prices vary with each species of animal. Check ADF&G web site. good luck


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                unlike most states

                Unlike most states you do NOT have to submit the full tag fee when you apply. (aka, interest free loan to the state).

                Buy a non-resident license - $85
                Pay $5 or $10 per hunt code when you apply (max 3 hunt codes per species).
                For any non-resident hunt, you need to buy a tag (drawing or not) before you hunt. Tags range from a low of $30 for wolf to $1100 for bull muskox, but generally run in the $300 to $500 range.
                Some drawing hunts are resident only, some are non-resident only, some are both.

                The current spring drawing permit system stinks, especially for non-residents in that the results come out in early July and some of the hunts start as early as August 1. Very difficult to plan a trip. This is changing in winter 2009-2010.

                Download last year's regs and last year's drawing book to read up ahead of time.


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                  Nick.. here is the lay out on this site (quick and easy) on license prices.


                  Here is how the license work:


                  This is for the draws:


                  you aren't the only one who is trying to figure this all out. I am just a newb helping a newb. Good luck!
                  No amount of education can help those who want to remain permanently ignorant of facts, which includes those whom have been educated.


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                    The other thing you should do is figure out what you want to do. I don't even know how many different permits there are, but there are a LOT of them. For something like sheep there has got to be at least a few dozen. So before you apply, it is good to figure out what you want to hunt (sheep, bear, moose, etc). Then look at the different areas do a little research and find out what is involved in doing the hunt. In the supplement (available on the fish and game web page) they list the chances of success for winning that permit. This is important to a lot of people. It should be more important to someone from out of state as you have more invested up front and may need to start planning the trip in advance. So if you only apply for a bison permit, chances are you are going to be at home come hunting season (the chance of winning it is less than 1%...for Delta bison anyway). There are other permits that have success rates (of winning the permit) of 100%. Then figure out the cost and such of getting there and doing the hunt. Some hunts are on the road system near a big town and don't require a guide to do the hunt. These would be relatively cheap. A sheep hunt however may cost you more than $10,000 for the guide fee and associated costs.

                    Soooooo.... a lot to consider. I would check out the fish and game web page and start figuring out what you would be interested in hunting and go from there.

                    Once you get started, you'll have to get less lazy and search this site and elsewhere.

                    Good luck!



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                      If I may ask? Why a winter and also a spring draw? Almost all the hunts are in the fall or no? I understand you have bear hunts in the spring but no one is talking about drawing those tags right now.What is tier 2? Registration hunts? Huh? What is a controlled use area?..... Ken.....


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                        In Alaska we hunt just about year round. The spring draw will include Brown/Grizzly Kodiak and other areas. Bison, Caribou, Elk, Moose and Musk Ox.

                        Tier II allows for hunts for those that qualify. Income and other factors and is mostly a subsistence hunt for food. A hot topic here.

                        Registration hunts are hunts that you can apply for in person at F&G to hunt certain areas. Most require you to travel to the area you intend to hunt at least twice as most permits are issued before the hunt starts.

                        Controlled use areas have some type of restrictions, usually no ATV access or no airplane use for transporting hunters.

                        Hope this helped.

                        "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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                          Yes Steve that helps, Thanks..... Hey Steve, When should You and I get together to start planning our sheep hunt in the Wrangells? Ken....


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                            Always looking for a good hunting partner Ken. However, already have a buddy that is willing to help me get one to the strip this year. We are doing back to back hunts this fall with 40 mile air and he is first shooter for our grizzly hunt and all me for sheep.

                            TV321 is looking for someone to sheep hunt with. He sounds like a hardcore sheep hunter.

                            Good luck

                            "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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                              I'm just messing with ya Steve. Just do us all a favor and give your ususal hunt report when you get back, complete with lots of pics...Ken


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