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  • Better to be Lucky than good anyday.

    I got lucky and drew DS 190. I was thinking of heading up to wolverine lake area and taking the trail as far as I could on ATV. Has anyone been in this area before? Is it a private road ? Planning on doing some scouting this summer, but its a long drive for me from Delta. Or am I being unrealistic? Would it be better to try my luck on the Matanuska and just Raft Across? I don't mind flying in also. What do you guys think?

    I heard in the past that some of the locals in the area have vandalized hunters rigs ? I guess thats a chance you take parking anywhere here in AK though.
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    Dirtysouth, in the Palmer Fish and Game office they have a detailed map on the wall showing the ownership, easments etc of the area.

    I believe the trail you want to use has a public easement across the private land. That is, you can use the trail, but can't get off it until you are off the private land and back on to state.

    Check it out, I believe it is doable, at least the trail access part.

    If I understand correctly, there is a turnaround at the end of Clark-Wolverine Road, and the trail you speak of starts there. The guy who owns the chunk of land next to the turnaround uses the trail as his driveway. Just guessing, but if a trail user parked his rig on the trail and blocked the way, that could have sparked the alleged vandalism.

    I would think you could park on the turnaround, which is State owned, leave room for others' access, and be OK.


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      Thanks for the info

      Thanks a TON. I'll get in touch with the landowner and give a small contribution for trespassing. Never hurts to ask, and "It don't cost nothing to be nice to someone."
      Six months out gotta hit the Gym.

      Thanks again


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        Technically, it would not be trespassing, since there is an easement on record.
        However, your gesture would certainly go a long way toward not worrying about your truck when you're out hunting.


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