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  • Brown Mt Area for Goats (dg352)

    My brother and I are going to hunt this area for goat and black bear this fall. Anyone ever hunted here and know of any good places for a drop off point in an airplane?

    I had a couple of ideas in mind, either the small lakes north of Sunday Harbor, Tonsina Bay, or the braided river that forms the eastern border of the permit area. The river empties into what looks like a semi protected cove (in good weather) that is close to what looks like goat country. The small lakes would be good for a float plane but I'm not sure of the goat potential in the immediate area. One of the gravel bars on the river would be great but I'm not sure of the feasability of getting a wheeled plane in there. Anyway, if anyone has any experience or ideas for this area let me know, thanks.


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    as far as i know you cannot get a wheel plane in there. i would consider a drop-off in one of the lakes and a pick-up in the salt. i don't think that you will find a pilot willing to to a loaded take-off from those lakes, but i know that you can get dropped off there.
    another option would be taylor bay at the end of port dick.
    good luck.
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      Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to go with one of the lakes near Sunday Harbor as it will at least put me in above treeline. Hopefully there are some goats up there too I'm looking at the last week of September, can't wait, I'm hoping I can get my brother onto a bear as well.


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