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How many years w/o a permit?

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  • #31 that you mention it my wife and I are both batting 1000! I am going to let her swing for the fence this year though and try and chase a string of low percent draws in the spring sup. If she nails another cow hunt I will be elated!


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      I've drawn a lot of tags, but I put in for easy to win permits, generally speaking. I"ve hit some home runs (Lost Lake goats last year, for example), but I've got a lot of permits that were 50%.
      Let's say you put in for a two percent draw. So, 2 percent is 2 in 100, or 1 in 50. Realistically, think about that as an expectation of having to put in for that permit 50 times before you draw. That's not very good.
      Also,I put in for a lot of permits. IF you want permits, you gotta pick and choose, and put in for EVERYTHING. I didn't draw goats or sheep this year. Well, it might be my big year to hunt bears, or elk, or PWS goats, or Brooks sheep, or whatever. There are still lots of draws, and high odds draws, coming up.


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        I got to AK in Feb 1989 I applied for 2 to 3 permits for each drawing, Fall and Spring, each year since. Never been drawn for anything. Man do I have the luck.



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          seems my luck must run a bit more than most, 6 years drawing and got a tag of one sort or another 5 times...
          but an alibi to that; I've always submitted for sheep draws and never got one till this year (ds203) and always try to draw tags for a high percentage area that I know I can find access to in addition to the more coveted low percentage draws.



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            I'm 1/1 on years drawing tags. but I also put in for tags that come with tougher hunts.
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              6 without a single hit.
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                Kids are the way to go man. Have a couple of kids and let them put in for tags. The wife is not big on hunting, but the kids still give me a chance. True, I may never pull the trigger on a 40 inch ram in Tok, but in about 15 years maybe one of my kids will have the golden ticket. So...I contribute my yearly monies to ADF&G and someday they may send me one of those golden tickets. Until then there is plenty of over the counter registration hunts and general harvest stuff that the out of stater would kill for. Dont think we all need to cry about not getting a GMU14 sheep tag.

                Me I have only ever drawn the Kenai Mt Caribou. Never saw a critter!!!

                Good luck in the spring drawing everyone.
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                  9 years and still counting. I've put in for a mixture of hard to draw sheep/bison/goat but also try to mix in some of the higher drawing % hunts as well.
                  I'm happy for those who have drawn, good luck. Hopefully one of these days, I'll draw one too........!!



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