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  • Kateel River

    Anybody out there have any information on the Kateel River? I have hunted the Koyukuk a few times and been up the Kateel about 5-10 miles but looking for info. on the upper part of the river.

    Has anyone hunted DM820?
    Is the Kateel floatable?
    Does anyone know a charter service that services that area?

    Thanks, Blakencfa

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    i hear that there iis alot of bears


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      I scored a DM820 tag, if anybody is looking for a hunting partner. I'll be looking for a bear too.
      Alaska Wide Open Charters


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        Water is very low up river. And not really that many bears at all. Moose are getting hit pretty hard now.


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          I drew the DM820 tag this year, my brother who I planned to go with did not want to apply as a party for some reason. Long story short, I think he is going to back out on me. So if anyone wants to team up, share costs, or has any ideas, I'm all ears.


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            Not me

            my previous reply was not me, was my boyfriend, just had my page open and he replied... but still true what he said...


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              All of the rivers in that area are like most others in Alaska in that they vary tremendously from week to week and year to year. At that time of year it will depend on rainfall up stream in the weeks prior. I have hunted areas out there when the Koyukuk was rising so fast the water was actually flowing into all of ths side sloughs and rivers, made access to areas easy and pushed the moose to the higher grounds. 1 year later some of the same areas were not accessible by boat. Some areas you have to be careful getting into when the water is dropping - if you are not careful you may not have enough water to get out. It is really impossible to predict exactly what the levels will be in any particular area or time and that is where proper preperation and option "B" comes in handy.


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                Charlie Green transporter in Galena. 907-656-1601


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                  kateel river moose and bears

                  hello,i live in galena,dont know where the people come up with not many moose and few bears,i hunt the kateel more then most,there is way to many bears,outside the controled use area,hunted it the last 3 springs,as for moose theres are more now then 10 years ago on the kateel river,,they just dont stand on the bank anymore,you need a little jet to hunt the upper river ,inboards are out,if the water drops theyll be there til spring,,,,


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                    last year I was able to work a port-a-bote w/8hp prop up the Kateel quite a ways, but it was a lot of work. We got to walk a lot of shallows.
                    A tiller handle jet on a 16' to 18' boat would be ideal. We did see some inboards up quite a ways. Some guys have a camp that looks like it gets used a lot. But that river is a good place to get stuck.
                    I only had a day and half to hunt and saw nothing, but that may not be indicative of the area. You might get some more info from Glen Stout the area biologist in Galena.
                    I did meet Charlie Green this past year on the river. His equipment looked pretty good, and everybody I talked with (clients and locals) seemed to have good things to say about him. He would be an option if you don't have a big boat to get up there. He also has a 16' flatbottom with a 40hp yamaha tiller jet.
                    The river is mostly mud down low, and then gets rocky the higher you go. I don't see why a person couldn't find a moose if they worked a bit. The country sure looked "moosey".


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                      The Kateel area definately has its share of brown bears. Second only in the area to the Dulbi right now, IMO. Makes sitting on a gut pile more exciting. A small story:
                      I was about 4 miles up the Kateel in 2000. I ran across a couple of guys from Missouri that had been outfitted by PJ Simon. They said they found a gut pile but couldn't understand why the area around the gut pile had been beaten down and the gut pile buried. They walked me back there without rifles and without caution. The bear had a swath about thirty yards around the pile and buried it under about 3 feet of debris. When I told the boys what it was and why they do it, they decided to hunt right from camp. Lucky they didn't come across the bear. These boys were both smokers, way overweight, and dressed in gear fitted for a whitetail stand. Out of their element for sure
                      I'm sure Glenn still asks hunters to take a bear if they get a chance. Pretty sure you don't even need a tag up there anymore. The biggest black bear I have ever seen was from up there and the prettiest brown bear (not all that big) was seen one the Dulbi. Awesome area.


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                        Hunted 20+ years now, water is weather dependent No rain Lo....... Plenty bears and moose, please shoot your limit of bears and wolves, calves and cows are suffering! Rocks up river, some do not show to well-CAREFUL! Outfitters should be reviewed with lots of references if none provided avoid them like the plague! Both rivers were low last year and access was limited.


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