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  • Alaska Range Sheep hunt

    My son and I both scored nice rams Sept 10th, our first day of hunting with our outfitter. Had to wait to fly in to camp for a couple of days, too windy, but after getting into camp the evening of the 9th, was able to get up into the high country the next day. We hiked four miles up the creek accross from camp, and ran into six or seven ewes with lambs in the creek, who decided they didn't like our company and went up a canyon across from us.. we followed, and three hours later the guide spotted two rams bedded in a bowl above us.. we stalked around a ridge and came up about 125 yds from the rams, both up and feeding by then. My son and the guide both eased up just ahead of me, and had to take the shot quickly as Chad's ram spotted them.. took him thru the ribs with a 180 nosler partition from his 300RUM.. went down instantly.. the other ram stood faceing us, and I scoped him, but he then turned and I said "he's not full curl!.. guide said wait... ram started to trott away at an angle and finaly guide said "He's double broom! take Him!" I shot twice, at about 150, and 175, he finaly stopped at 250 and I was able to make the shot.. guide had him on video for the final shot, and the roll downhill for about 75 yds.. 338Win mag w/ 210 nosler partitions. (We both had grizzley tags) hence the heavier artillery.. After dragging the broomed ram over to the other full curl, and an hour of picture takeing, we capped out Chad's , I field dressed mine, we packed up ALL the meat and the cape and head of Chad's ram and started down for treeline.. We spent the night next to a fire on the mountain.. Thank god it didn't rain.. was able to get some sleep.. after dinning on fresh sheep loin over the fire.. I will try to post some pictures here.. but if they don't work, FALCON said he'll take care of it for me... I can definitly say this is a YOUNG man's sport.. I'm glad we were able to pull this off as a Father/Son team.. Hope you enjoy this yarn... Les

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    -Way to go Les and son

    Great job, happy for you and son. I was watching your posting as your hunt approached and hoped it would all work out for you.
    You have some great eating coming and a fine trophy. We look forward to some hunt pics!
    Who was your guide? Sounds like he did a a great job putting you on some nice sheep. It would be nice to hear a few kudos for some of these fellas on the ODD, fellas are always looking for a good guide.

    Regards, Frank
    Proud to be an American!


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      We hunted with Max Schwab, Master Guide of Talkeetna.. and our guide was a 26 year old kid I would have liked to shot in the knee (to slow him down for an old guy like me).. Jeremy Ruesink...he hails from Kodiak. He guides Brown bear other seasons. He was a good guy to hunt with, even carried my rifle for the last few hundred yards while I was struggling to keep up.. Glad we got 'er done the first day.. I wouldn't have been worth much for a couple of days after.. Jeremy said that his hunters had taken seven for six (includeing us).. One fellow had just bought a new dealership, and had to leave after two days of hunting..

      Falcon will post a few pictures anytime now, maybe even this evening.. That is just beyond my skill level at the computer.. Les


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        Yes, I think sheep is the top of the wild meats... we ate a lot in camp, for the next six days,, and had some fresh moose steak to vary our diet..the hunters before us left quite a bit of loin, and rib meat for us to dine on.. Chad did kill a nice black bear and that was also great eating.. I think after the death march I actualy gained weight on this trip. I couldn't have asked for better weather.. a little windy which delayed our Super Cub flight (reminded me of rideing a Harley with wings) in to camp, but rained a total of 30 minutes for the whole seven days we were in camp.. We left some sheep meat for the next moose hunters, and took enough home to let the family get a few good meals.. froze it at our hotel and carried on about 40 # in a soft cooler.. more later... Les


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          Nothing like a father and son hunt, the sheep are the icing on the cake, cant wait for pictures.



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            Congrats on the hunt. There's nothing like sheep hunting.
            A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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              Need Help Posting Pictures


              I must be an idiot! I loaded Les's pictures, there are 6 of them, onto a Photo Bucket account. I can't figure out how to get them on the site. I will happily e- mail them to a member if they would be so kind to get them on the board.
              Send me a pm with your e-mail address, and I will forward on the picks.



              ps: These are killer pics


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                Falcon emailed these to me earlier today, thought I'd help out...
                Attached Files


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                  Another picture...
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                    Last one

                    Last one I thought would look good on the net...
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                      Broomed Horns

                      It sounded like from the story that one ram was full-curl and one double broomed. Looks like two double broomers to me. One has been broomed a while and worn the ends back into tips and the other is a pretty dramatic break. These are pretty big rams from that part of the Alaska Range.


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                        Found another pic

                        Here's another pic I found from Falcon's email...
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                          Nice Job!


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                            That is my ultimate sheep hunting dream - to take 2 rams at the same time (the wife and I). The only time I've seen 2 legal rams side-by-side has been in drawing permit areas where we only had one permit. Congratulations...that is the stuff dreams are made of!



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                              Thank You

                              Thanks for helping us out.. getting these pictures up and running.. Glad to share our hunt experiances with you all... as I look at the picture with Chad and I both sheep faceing each other, I remember that I was thinking, Hurry up and take it,, my teeth were starting to ache , the wind was that cold... Les


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