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  • Kodiak Goats: Need some advice

    Hi guys,
    My buddy and I just drew goat tags for the North side of the road system (DG479). The plan is to hunt out of our truck and hike up into the hills. I was wondering, when would be the best time to hunt (Aug, Sept, or Oct) and can you spot goats from the road? Is this area pretty good?
    I've hunted goats numerous times (South East Alaska) and I've hunted Kodiak for bears (2 years ago). So, I'm familiar with the island and I know what I'm getting into.
    So please any advice or ideas would be awesome.
    Thank you,

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    chuck, north road system is a weird deal if you ask me. its all native land and they don't allow access or permits to access it, but they don't enforce it...yet. There is some municiple land over north of pillar lake with a great access trail that'll take you right to the heart of the beast, the devils prongs, or three sisters. Right where all those ridges meet is where the goats will be. Day hunt.
    Then there is sheridan mt over to the west of antone larson, lots of goats up in there as well, trail access but a bit more walking and tougher to see the country cause your walking on it.
    Either way, theres goats, you'll have to shop alot to find a good one. I talked with some guys about two years ago that hunted almost all season just to see what they could find and best goat they saw was about 9.75...and my client shot it. Killin' a nanny is no big deal..killin' a good goat will take some shopping.
    John as fish and game in kodiak will have some pretty accurate numbers on the goats and will be able to tell you which side of the road has the most, kid numbers..ect ect great source of info.
    best of luck...
    oh hair is good in late oct, not AS good earlier. But they don't ever seem to be hairless like other areas of the state just fuzzy. But by mid oct they are looking more muskoxish.
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      Be aware of watershed restrictions too

      In addition to the Native land, also be aware that both the Pillar Lake valley and Monashka Lake valley are city water shed areas that are restricted against human presence. I know there are people that go in there anyways, but unless you clear the ridge to the North (other side) you are in the watershed area which is restricted to prevent the city from having to incorporate additional levels of filtration on the city's drinking water. Same thing exists out at Monashka. The area is posted, and I verified this info with the city maint folks. I was really bummed to learn this because that Pillar Lake area has a good population of bears in need of thinning in my humble opinion.

      I've never hunted goats on the North end, but I've hunted deer to the North of the Monashka watershed area.

      Brwnbr's advise to talk with John Crye at Fish & Game is very good advise. John is a good guy, and he knows a lot about the Kodiak goats. Also, visit the following DNR website to see what the land ownership is like around here.


      Good luck!


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        lol oh ya and the wateshed thing....to bad you hear guns going off in pillar all the time during the fall. basicly is a jammed up area with goats that legally are hard to get to...ethically as well, but literally easy.
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