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  • need help with deer

    Would like to take my son to southeast AK to hunt deer this fall. Can anyone give me any ideas on where to go? I live in the Yukon (close to Skagway) I have a jetboat (small one 16fter) Would like to hunt as close to skagway as possible, Any info would be appreciated thanks.

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    PM me

    PM me or shoot me an e-mail. I live in Skagway and have some good info for you.


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      Non-US citizens need guide

      Hope you've checked? All non-US citizens need a guide for all big game animals in Alaska..


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        You might have to have a guide since you're from Canada.


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          Deer Ideas

          There are quite a few places in SE to hunt deer all of which produce some pretty fun action in the fall. I would recommend Johnnie Laird at Muskeg Excursions for your hunt and go to POW. Lots of nice deer but you have to hunt hard to get them most of the time. Check his website for some good photos and stories, he is an excellent guide and has a great reputation. This is assuming you are an Alien and need a guide. Put your rig on the ferry and come on down!

          Prince of Wales Island


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            Prince Rupert

            Thanks for the kind words Gooch ...

            You can always drive on down the Casiar Hwy make a right on the Yellowhead and get on the AK ferry at Rupert then on over to Ketchikan and ferry out to the Island.

            August and September offer some good hunting in the high alpine.
            johnnie laird


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