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  • Kalgin Island Moose/bear

    Does anyone have any information on moose/bear hunting on Kalgin Island? Any idea what the hunting pressure is like? What is the terrain like? This looks like a relatively easy hunt by boat or plane. Any information would be helpful.


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    Tim - I've never done it, but I hear that Kalgin Island is crazy thick with brush and trees. There are decent numbers of moose, but since everything is so thick it can be hard to spot them. I also seem to recall some people saying that getting ashore can be tough, but I don't remember the details.



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      I don't believe there are any bears on Kalgin either.


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        hunted it once will never do it again, no bears on the island Took a boat over from kenai way too much brush and bushwhacking. Was a nightmare!


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          I was guessing that it was a bushwhacking adventure based on what I know about the west side of Cook Inlet (maybe there isn't a correlation, but I know w.side is choked with brush too.) Didn't know if there were any bruins though.

          Thanks for the info,



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            A co-worker flew over there with his son on a moose hunt. He said it was crazy thick with brush, and basically unhuntable. Which is what I've heard through the grapevine from others.
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              Been there, done that, Won't do it again.

              While we saw a fair amount of moose sign, it was insanely dense with lots of alder thickets and spruce bogs. There's a few open marshes, but even those took some work just to get to and watch. We finallly did see one cow on the final day of our hunt, however just prior to her getting into range, the only other hunter we saw (didn't know he was there until after the shooting) shot her at long range. Did a pretty bad job of it as well as he had to shoot 5 moore times to finish her off. Apparently he came over by boat. Speaking of boats, there's some weird shoals and bars over there off shore so be careful if you've never went. There's also some BIG rocks exposed only at low tide. Also watch the private land. We flew over with Natron Air but I don't think he does that anymore with his new Gippsland GA-8. My understanding is that the locals mainly hunt the North end of the island and that after the first one or two days of the season, the moose disapear into the thick stuff and only come out in the dark.

              We did have the best blueberry picking and hardshell clamming I have ever experienced.


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                Kalgin Island hunting isn't all that bad. But it's certainly no cake walk!

                I believe the success rate is about 50%. The F&G estimate about 40+ moose, that is about one per square mile. They say that's the most the island can support. During the last few years with heavy snow some have died of starvation over the winter. We need hunters to keep the population down so as to not have this happen so often.

                The hunting is tough if you don't know were to go. You have to be careful to stay away from private property. There are about 40 land owners on the island who value their privacy! Some of them are "less than friendly" to visitors!

                It's also hard to get there, but either sex moose is perfect if your after some meat to feed the family. If you don't have a Cook Inlet worthy boat, then Natron Air is the best way to get there. They land on the beach where you can find camping spots near the beach or stay at one of the local lodges or campgrounds on the island.

                Hunting season is August 20- September 20.


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                  There's A good reason land owners choose to be unenthusiastic about visitors.....
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