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  • carter lake

    has anyone hiked into carter lake off the seward highway. Just wondering what the trail is like. Is there any fishing/hunting by the lake?

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    I've hiked it. It's a steep 3 mile climb. It's a really good trail, but really quite steep. I was there during a torrential downpour, so I didn't see any critters, but I imagine that there are decent numbers of black bears up there. There is also a drawing hunt for sheep up there, though I didn't see any during my hike. The lake has rainbows and grayling (I think) in pretty decent numbers. It's beautiful once you get up there and there are plenty of places to pitch a tent. Well worth the effort, in my opinion.



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      thanks for the report. if the weather is decent may head up there this weekend.


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        Carter lake

        I have been up there a few times. Good rainbow trout fishing with dry flys on carter lake and greyling at Cresant lake. Saw sheep up there too. Trail is steep to carter lake and gentle the rest of the way to cresant lake. Nice place to go.


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          I hiked the trail 2 weekends ago. It was pretty muddy. I too was looking for a black bear, but it was more an excuse to get out of the house. I didnt see anything. I saw some scat with berries in it, but i think it was from a brown bear, but i could be wrong. I would suggest only going on a clear day without rain. When its raining, it makes it very hard to glass due to the altitude and the clouds forming on the side of the mountain. The fishing was great in carter. I caught fish probably every 5 casts. Some real monsters, 14-16 inches. Used a black panter martin, and a rooster tail. Good luck, probably getting snow up there real soon.


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