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  • Looking for a Partner for DG 477

    When my wife and I put in for our hunts, the plan was if either my wife or I won then the other would come along to hunt deer. Unfortunately, my wife will be taking a one year vacation to Iraq starting the beginning of August. This leaves me with a predicament.

    I despise taking a risk with a new partner on some of the more costly and dangerous hunts. You just never know who you might end up with and I really want to enjoy my hunts, not deal with headaches. I've been fortunate to only have two hunting partners, a good friend who left the state and now my wife, and not be in this situation before. I considered going alone; I have a sat phone and have done solo hunts before, but neither one will help me if I get mowed down by a big brown coming to the dinner bell before I can shoot or call for help. This is my first trip to Kodiak and, all things considered, prudence dictates bringing a partner.

    I'm an experienced hunter and I have enjoyed sucess, as well as failure, and even a couple life threatening situations. I have all the gear I need for this hunt and most anything we could share (stove, water filter, spotting scope, etc.). I have Arctic Oven w/stove for base camp and a Hilleberg Namatj 3GT for spiking or if we have to hike up from the ocean. The only thing I don't have, but will before I go, is a bear fence.

    I prefer someone from the Fairbanks/North Pole area. I'm getting close to my military retirement and can't afford very much leave for any other hunts where we could get to know each other before going to Kodiak. Living close together, we could train for the hunt together, share a beer, or spend some time telling hunting lies to make sure this would work out.

    My plan is to drive from Fairbanks to Homer, take the ferry from Homer to Kodiak, and fly out with Seahawk Air. I have a Ford Super Duty crew cab, so space won't be an issue. Dates are really flexible at this point, but my initial thought is to drive out on 25 Aug, catch the ferry that night, arrive in Kodiak on 26 Aug, hunt, depart Kodiak on the night of 11 Sep, arrive in Homer on 12 Sep, and drive home. That might seem like a long time, but I like to plan my hunt to accomdate one week of weather delay time and just leave early if things go smoothly. I've used the ferry before for hunting and changing dates if the hunt ends early is a piece of cake with a very small fee ($20 I think).

    My anticipted costs are:

    5 tanks of gas for the truck - $400
    Ferry ticket for passenger - $75 x 2
    Ferry ticket for truck - $230
    Seahawk Air - $2500 (I haven't called to verify, based upon previous reports)
    If delayed there will be hotel costs.

    My proposal is to split the costs 50/50 if you drew DG477. First to spot the animal gets first right of refusal. If you'd like to just come along for the deer huting, and don't mind taking a back seat to getting a goat (not that we'd pass up deer if we see them), I'd split costs 66/33.

    PM me if interested.
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    Sounds like you've got this hunt pretty much nailed down...too bad we 'a bit closer as I will be traveling to Kodiak with a permit in my pocket as well.
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