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Mystery Ranch Vs. Cabela's Alaskan Freighter..I tried both

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    If you really want to save money, buy the one from Barney's first. Otherwise you will be spending more money when you buy the Cabela's and then buy the Barney's later. Not saying that Cabela's aren't good packs, they just don't compare to Barney's.


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      Cabela's Frame

      Well, I have 2 cents to add for us 'weekend warriors' It is tough to hear people getting talked out of Cabelas stuff when it does work quite well. Out of my hunting crowd (8 of which own packs), all eight hunters use Cabela's Frames and Packs. Personally, I use the smaller of the three but most have the bigger outfitter version. Sometimes we use just the frames sometimes pack and frame but either way they work.

      Problems - zero
      Cost - resonable, the reason we all own them. Save the $ for a good tent and bag.

      We aren't he men but do hunt hard. These packs have worked great for moose, sheep, caribou, brown/black bear, deer, elk, spruce hen, whatever.

      Never tried a more expensive pack and maybe I would love it but ours have worked great for years. That said I also have a $60 pair of binos.

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        Good reading... can someone post a link and some side by side pics for us to see?
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          Spruce Hen

          Was supposed to be a joke. Not really funny though after reading it.

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            I'm with Gooch here.
            Guess I'm just a "weekend warrior" too as I've never used my pack to dig holes, but it's been about 8 yrs of weekends for my Cabela's Alaskan II freighter with 0 problems or failures.
            I do have to admit I don't toss 200# in it, but it's because I fear I will come apart, not the pack. It's hauled it's ahare of moose hindquaters with no complaints from it or myself.
            If I were going to buy another frame pack it would be the Cabela's all over again.
            Vance in AK.

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              Good Posts

              This is perfect and just what I am looking for as far as info.
              Recently up from Montana looking to see the gear upgrades that are neccesary.
              I have the Cabela's Alaskan guide pack/frame and has served me very well with packing out of numerous Elk in the mountains of Montana and from what I am reading should do just fine up here on Moose..
              I see some of you local guy's are loyal to local merchants and that's great, but in some instances just can't see investing more on marginal stuff unless it gives a huge advantage.
              I have been sold however on a few other things including Wiggy's bags and will be making my way over there shortly.
              Thanks guys and keep them coming.
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                not loyal

                We are not loyal to local merchants. It just so happens that that some of the local merchants seem to know what the local terrain demands. I do not consider myself loyal to anyone but my wife. I have owned both the cabelas and barnys packs and you could not pay me to take a cabelas again. For instance I have not found any wiggys geer that impressed me.
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                  for what i do, the barney bag is HUGE advances over the cabela's bags...not a wiggies fan either, or gor
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                    Thanks for the input

                    Originally posted by wolfkiller View Post
                    I have owned both the cabelas and barnys packs and you could not pay me to take a cabelas again. For instance I have not found any wiggys geer that impressed me.
                    Thanks for your opinion.
                    I think I have gathered enough info from the other posters here on this site and others who have given their REASON for their likes, dislikes for the different types of hunting that goes on here and have made up my mind on most gear selections.
                    I try and take all of this into account for my purchases.
                    I have learned that down bags have there down sides here for the type of hunting I wish to do.( Floats, Fly-ins, Winter trips which are new to me) Might apply to Goat or Sheep, but doesn't interest me at this time.
                    In Montana I hunt out of a Wall tent, out of a base camp and gear is packed in with my horses, wieght is not a great issue and use cots.Pretty much our Elk season is over by the end of Nov.Down Bags work for me here as moisture is not an issue.
                    Whole different ballgame up here.
                    No one who has posted say's Wiggy's bags have failed them. The military uses them, Most that own them like them, Lifetime warranty, Company has been in business for awhile. Good resale value ( Checked Ebay) Locally produced.Excellent explanation on web site on how bags work.
                    Cabela's packs I have personal knowledge of and have both strapped an Elk hind quarter to the frame and stuffed over 100# into the pack itself ( Separate trips)for several 2 and 3 mile high mountain packs back to the horses.Pack was comfortable and held up well and seems others up here use them and they held up.
                    I am just trying to gather information on what the locals use, try and incorporate that into the style of hunting I wish to do and not spend unnecessary money.
                    Thanks again for your input.
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                      choosing gear

                      We all have to make decisions based on want or price. Most of the posters on here are just trying to give their honest opions based upon years of experience. It is up to you to make the decision on your own. Myself I like learning from others mistakes, its usually safer and cheaper than making my own. I started hunting with cheaper packs and when I discovered sheep hunting was in my blood I knew I had to upgrade. I looked, borrowed and researched everything I could find and bought the barneys pack. I am sure I made the best decision for me. The pack will haul more than you are able to and stand up to everything you can do to it. My hunting partner bought a Cabelas against my advice and likes it but knows he will be buying the barneys soon.

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                        Camptrails made the 1st Barneys pack

                        The original Barneys packs were made by CampTrails to their specs. I have one that I bought from Barneys in 1988. I hauled alot of stuff with it and it has never failed although I a sure that there has been quite a few upgrades over the years. The lifetime warranty is for the life of the pack to be determined by Barneys. If you are guide and wear it out in 3 years, that could be the life of the pack as determined by Barneys. If you do 1 or 2 hunts a year and the frame breaks after 5 years, it may be replaced.

                        That it the way it was explained to me when I was inquiring about a new harness.


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                          I will say this about Barney's...

                          When I stopped by Barneys after my hunt, I showed the owner my Helly Hanson Impertech jacket, where I had ripped off two buttons. They tore off while I was hauling my moose out. He promply took them back and tried finding me a new one in the store, yet was out of my size. He sent me one within a couple weeks. THAT I APPRECIATE; NO QUESTIONS ASKED, JUST GIVE ME A NEW ONE.

                          I do think the Cabela's pack and frame would work just fine for me; yet I always seem to be looking for the extra edge, a true fault. Thus, If the frame makes the hauling a bit easier, then possibly it's worth it for me.

                          Kind regards,


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