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Help locating stolen trailer.

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  • Help locating stolen trailer.

    I know this is a long shot, but its worth a try.

    On 9-17-06 my brother was hunting on Hatchers Pass road just up the road from Willow creek and when he returned to his truck his trailer was gone.

    Another hunter who was glassing for moose witnessed the trailer being taken, but he was too far away to stop the thieves. This is what he saw.

    A red and white dirtbike and a Polaris Ranger made several drive bys to case out the trailer, the dirtbike went up the road to watch for cars while the Ranger hooked up to the trailer and pulled it off.

    The trailer was a newer model 2 place aluminum Sled bed with front salt shield/ramps. It was hooked to a white chevy Tahoe that was parked along side the road.

    If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Send me a PM.


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    I would put that info in the newspaper, along with a big fat reward if your bro can afford it.
    I'd love to hear that someone gave up info on these two guys.

    This stuff makes my blood boil.
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      I have friends with recreational cabins above the gate on hatchers. I'll pass it onto them incase its somebody that is always up there. best case they can get a license number.



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        Thanks guys,
        Iwill try to post the license plate # when I get it from my brother.

        Blink, your friends cabins sounds like it is only a few miles from where this happened. The Troopers think it is someone who lives on the dirt section of that road, so maybe they could keep an eye out for it.

        thanks again


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          Theres been alot of problems with people on the upper side of the road. alot of squatters that take over cabins. My friends have had alot of things ripped off from there cabins and luckily the troopers have been able to recover the items. I'll pass it along. If its a local, its a pretty small community up there. PM me the license # if you dont mind. Crooks are usually idiots, they may leave the tags on, who knows.



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            Talked to my buddy whos always up at hatchers and he doesnt remember seeing a red and white dirtbike. He's gonna keep his eye out and pass the info onto other cabin owners. if hes a local up there, there arent to many cabins on the upper section of the road, if he dragged it over to the palmer side that makes it difficult. I'll let you know if I hear anything.



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              I dont think they dragged it over to the Palmer side because the gettaway vehicle was a Polaris Ranger.

              Who knows they could have just pulled it over and hooked on to a truck though.

              Anyway thanks so much for the help, I love it when sportsman pull together to help each other out.


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                This same thing happened to me last year, except all they got away with was the bed and tongue since I had the axle and wheels in my truck. One of my leaf springs broke and I had to leave the trailer over night, went back the next morning and some lowlife dragged it down the road and we never recovered it. Troopers told me the same thing, it was probably a local.


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