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Good luck.

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  • Good luck.

    To me, Good luck is opportunity meeting preparedness.

    I was looking through binocs at the Mt behind the village the last couple days , and I see theres a few more small bands of Female Caribou passing along.

    I was as far as I could go in the construction of a frame for the wifes soon to be ink on Caribou skin, so I picked up the M-39 and a box of shells , because you never know what you will see and how many shots you will get to take.
    Meat and another canvas to prepare would be good, as Caribou skins are good leather this time of year, and we could always use a few more skins.

    I was about 2 miles out of town when I sw a distant few walking to a creek, and I knew where to cut them off, and could hide behind an ice pushup "pingu".
    Doing so I only waited about 15 minutes for them to arrive, because another snowmachine was driving down the trail and had them trotting. This was good, as the Caribou went my way and the other guy kept on down the steaked trail to Selawik.

    They were about 50 yards away, across a ditch that leads from a lake, and I was on a pingo that raises about 30 feet high, and I was willing to get 3, but only one looked like I could use it at all, so I shot her with my Sako 7.62X54R with 149 Grn. and she dropped like a rock. The other 7 just ran to beat the band, they all looked young.

    I peeled off the white underbelly peice because the wife has some idea about it. I peeled the rest of the skin and let free the neck to the base of the head, the entire back and down to each legs elbo/knee.
    I am using a flat cargo sled, so I wanted to tie it down, and not ruin the meat, so I leave the skin on like a protective sack.
    Then its easy for the ladys to bring in from the cold and skin for butchering.
    We brought it in about 6 hours after I shot it.

    It was just getting frozen hard, but was that easy to skin, hardly any mess either.. No dogs, no Ravens on it while it was out there. The frozen blood looks black, but we just picked it out.
    I bummed a friends camera, and I didnt want to change his settings, but I wanted a date on the picture...LOL!!!
    So wrote it on the paper and set it there....I hope thats not Internet "tacky"...~LOL!!!~
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....

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    Once again

    You have told a great hunting truth. I say truth cause my buddies and I usually tell "stories" around the campfire. You always seem to keep me rivited throught your whole telling. I must say some of your life I envy. Such as the subsistance hunting and fishing. At times I wish I could just leave this "modern" world I live in to take up your type of lifestyle. At least when I read your post I can imagine being part of that lifestyle. Once again another great telling, keep it up.


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      No more rep points are allowed, because of the webmasters limitations, but boy, I would if I could. Was she pregnant? That is usually a good indication of their age and herd condition, as well. Good feed and habitat and they will most all be so.
      Good stuff, stranger.
      "96% of all Internet Quotes are suspect and the remaining 4% are fiction."
      ~~Abraham Lincoln~~


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        Im beliving she was Pregnant Akres, but they dont have much showing untill late March. I ting "It" was about baseball sized, but I paid little attention, and just gutted it out and loosend the skin up....kinda likw an unzipped "sleeper" kids wear that unzipps down a leg.....

        The bunch of year olds that were with her might have had her last years calf tagging along, but I dont really know. Its interesting to watch 'herd animals"
        Were getting alot more daylight, so soon enough I'll be glassing herds for the Fur that follows the Herds, and the March Females are at their winters fattest in march, some have almost an inch then. I like to take 4 or 5 days and get something for the wife to sew and take my time getting only Fat Females then and really top off my sled. That will do us untill June, when we get Bulls for drying meats.....but March Females are comming, and are a Good feed, with a very mild taste, maby the best tatsting Caribou of the year are caught then. Mmmmmmmmmmm
        If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

        "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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          Right on Stranger!!! Looks like maybe I should be seeing you in March???

          Alaska Outdoors Television ~ Outdoor Channel


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            It would be nice to meet you anytime, Tdelarm.
            If your going to be in the area in March, you certainly wold have fun.

            Its a long ride to get there, but I like setting up a tent "On High", my spying spot on a mountain,and watching below. If theres no fur, theres always meat
            I just moved back to the Kobuk, and some have taken up my former trails, spots, grounds and lines, so Im squeezing back in again without ruffling feathers. "But" the fur hunt there is uncomparable to anywhere near me now. Its well worth the ride and the cold.
            If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

            "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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              No better preparation, I guess, than living with the land.
              Thanks for posting this.
              No habitat, no hunter.


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                As always good to see your bellies getting full and a new project to keep mama busy.
                Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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