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    Heading up to the haul road in april to hunt caribou is there any worry about protecting the meat from the bitter cold? What camo would you go with up there with the snow? white or white with tree branches on it Thanks

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    nobody's ever hunted the haul road in the spring with snow:eek: I find that hard to believe Come on somebody that has hunted up there has got to have some info. Thanks


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      Are you going on snowmachine or on foot?

      If its the snowgo, forget cammo :rolleyes:

      I protect my meats by peeling the skin to the knees and elbow, up to the neck, then gut. See my post on "good luck" I explain it there. Other than keeping it from being rubbed, Ravens, dogs and Caribu hair all over it, you can just butcher and tarp.

      The cold is your friend.
      If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

      "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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        I been up there in April. Had no issues with the meat, just gutted the criiter and put it in the truck; finished up in the garage. Solid white should be fine for camo. I don't really think it'll make much difference either way, solid or patterened whites. But there aren't really any trees north of Atigun Pass. The caribou seemed pretty spooky when I was there, so you might want to try to get ahead of them in the direction and be still...and very patient. You'll find it hard to sneak up on them, so you're either gonna have to let them come to you, or count on getting lucky. Bring some blunts or judo points for ptarmigan; we saw thousands of 'em!


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          We will be road hunting with the truck and then on foot thanks for the responces so far very helpfull. I was planning on going with white camo but was unsure, I haven't been up there in 15yrs when i was a teenager and forgot what everything looked like and couldn't remember if there were any shrubs with the tundra or not. I figured we would try and cut them off and not try the stock method as i've heard they are skidish this time of year. If you guys were going to do this hunt in april would you hunt from coldfoot to atigun pass or from atigun pass to deadhorse just looking for a little helping advice thanks. pm me if you don't want to post it


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            You will see more north of atigun generally. Old cabelas winter camo i have and the browning winter camo work great.
            There are a couple other posts here about winter hunting on haul road.

            Some areas especially along river , will be some shrubs mostly nothing thou

            expect -20 or colder weather

            don't be suprised by bot flot larva under hide does not affect quality of the meat.

            Good luck , be safe have fun


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              Thanks ak for the responce, so that makes the total 2-1 in favor of hunting north of atigun pass Thank you guys any more takers?


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                Dude it all depends on when you get there how it goes. When I went last time it was a whiteout south of the pass going up with drifts I had to plow thru and hope I did not go over the cliff side. As I approached the top when I came out of the snow blindness I saw two DOT trucks plowing the drifts for the trucks to get thru and as I topped over it was a beautiful bright sunny day at 21 below, but by that time your acclimated to it and it was actually very comfortable. I wore bluejeans, tee shirt with a sweatshirt that had a hood,insulated carhart bibs knit wool cap and my ball cap, depending on how hot I got and army issued white out thats my neighbor loaned me.
                Saw plenty of Caribou but the issue I had was the crusted snow was easy to walk on and snow really wasnt that bad of an issue even with my asthma.The problem was laying down and crawling up close and when an elbow busted thru the Caribou knew something wasnt right.Later I manged to sit on the road side ditch at a low spot and waited for a caribou to walk within 10 yards of me. When I stuck it it was 18 below and I was up there a couple of hours.Made it back home by 3 that afternoon.Road going up and back was awesome as it was frozen dirt,did get one flat on the way back tho.And this was the 2nd to last week before the season ended.Good Luck


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                  Thanks, I understand it will be a crap shoot on where they are that's why i asked where others would spend there time, it's either north or south side of atigun or the whole road. I was just hoping for info on people's last hunt around that time to kind of get a clue of where they were the year before. I think i will be getting all white camos and hoping for the best thanks


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                    if the road is maintained how is it, is it bumpy as h*ll or as bad as the summer time or pure ice. any takers on what side of the pass they would hunt?


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                      The dirt sections of the road are much smoother in the winter than they are in the summer. However, the paved sections (running nearly to the Yukon river now) are actually worse in the winter than they are in the summer. The grade on some of the new stuff is all wrong and the road will try to throw you into the ditch on some of those corners, so be careful on the paved sections. But once you're on the gravel, it is much easier to drive in the winter than in the summer. I think the biggest difference is that you have fewer options for fuel, so you'll have to bring all you need to get from Fairbanks to Coldfoot.
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                        I've hunted in April on the haul road several times. I've seen caribou as far north as pump station 2, and have taken a few just south of pump station 3 around slope mountain. They are tough to stalk that time of year, so ambushing them has been the most successful way for me.


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                          Good trip

                          I hunted up there last year in March. We ran into plenty of caribou before Atigun Pass so we never crossed over the Brooks Range. Based on what I saw this past November up there, there should be plenty of caribou on the south side of Atigun. Once you reach Finger Rock, keep your eyes open for caribou and/or tracks. They may be in the open areas or in the trees. I think either all-white or white with shades of grey should work fine on either side of the pass.
                          Be sure to bring either skis or snowshoes, just in case.
                          I plan on going up there in a few weeks and if I remember, Iíll let you know what I saw.



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                            Thanks Joat for the road and gas information, We plan on taking 60 extra gallons in 4 15gal barrels for extra fuel and towing a trailor with are camper on it for sleeping. Thanks jerod for the bou location I talked with a guy that has worked up there for 30yrs. and he said they should be around franklin bluffs but that's way out there I'm hoping to stay south of the pass if possible. Thanks rilasp12, glad to hear you had a good trip last march I plan on taking snow shoes and hopefully plant myself in a spot they walk by, where is finger rock is it north or south of coldfoot? if you go up there in a few weeks Please let me know any info you might have thanks


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                              I'd say plan on getting up North of the pass, but if you happen to see animals south, stop and hunt that area. Tracks can be encouraging, but they only mean caribou WERE there. And we know that where caribou WERE isn't necessarily anywhere near where they ARE.

                              Good luck!


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