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  • Introduction, Appreciation, and Request for some Info.

    First off, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Rylan Weythman. I'm an avid hunter, fisher, and outdoorsman. I live for it!

    I grew up in Central Washington, but I've been trapped for the last few years in Southern CA going to school and now waiting for my wife to finish her MA Ed.

    My wife and I both love bear hunting, and Alaska has been our dream destination for as long as we've been together. We want to live there some day.

    Before I star asking questions, I wanted to say how grateful I am to have this site as a resource. I'm a member on several other hunting/fishing forums, and I know firsthand how they can help individuals like myself. Thank you all for being so generous with information!

    With all that in mind, my wife and I have a couple of free months this spring/summer before I head off to law school (I'm as conservative as they come, so please hold the lawyer jokes to a minimum haha). We would really like to take a DIY trip from WA to POW to chase some bears, but our only chance to go is June.

    I have tons of questions, but I figured I would start with the basics.

    Namely, how is the bear hunting in June? I know that they start to come from their dens after that first 8-12 days of May. We would come up sooner, but the first week of June is our earliest opportunity.

    Is hunting from a skiff still the ideal way to hunt in the spring? If so, are there any areas that are better than others, or are there areas we should avoid? From looking at the map, I've found what looks like some good areas with access to the salt and a decent amount of creeks, coves, bays, and flats.

    We're planning on driving up, taking the ferry from Prince Rupert to Ketch and then ferrying to Hollis. We'll have our own truck there, and we plan to rent a skiff from one of the rental outfits on the island. We discussed the option of tent camping along the beach at night and just cruising from area to area in search of bears. How safe is that? Is it allowed?

    If we're going to rent a skiff, we thought it would be fun to try some fishing / crabbing as well. I know the major salmon runs won't be there until later, but how is the bottom fish / halibut fishing in early June? Should be bring salmon gear anyway? Is there an open season on spring kings?

    As you can see, I have tons of curiosities, etc., and I know that now all of these can be answered here. I appreciate any info. you guys and gals are willing to give.

    thanks again,

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    Adventure planning

    Wow thats really great your wife is gung ho about bear hunting!

    I'm from Moses Lake. I moved up here and love it. I've also hunted POW, Etolin, and Kuiu for black bears.

    I'm not gonna tackle all your questions but in regards to the skiff and camping bit. Your gonna want to have a very, very dependable anchor system. Some folks like to Indian Anchor which is landing in an area that has quick relief and pushing your boat out while deploying an anchor. The line you deployed the anchor with then is used later to retrieve the boat. I don't like that method because it leaves a ton of room for errror. I like to achor at a significant distance from shore considering tides and bottom structure. I utilize a stout anchor or two and kayak into shore. You can then camp to your hearts delight in the rainforest.

    Good luck and post photos and a trip description when your done.


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