Ak Hunting News: Should Skilak Lake Area Remain Closed to Hunting?



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  • Ak Hunting News: Should Skilak Lake Area Remain Closed to Hunting?

    This news clip is from Alaska Hunting News. Discussion is welcome, but these robot generated news threads are not monitored by the webmaster.

    "This sliver of the federal refuge, just north of Skilak Lake, has been mostly set aside for wildlife viewing and other "take only pictures" recreation for two decades. The Alaska Board of Game wants to change that by allowing hunters with guns to chase small game each fall, the way many Kenai Peninsula residents remember doing when they were young.

    The proposal could lead to a showdown with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which so far has favored expanding wildlife watching along Skilak Lake Road, and keeping current hunting restrictions."

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    If it weren't for hunters providing as much funding as they do to wildlife, I say open it to hunting. We as Hunters provide billions and billions of dollars to support our habit through an 11% Federal Excise Tax on firearms, ammunition and other equipment. How much money does the non-hunting wildlife viewers contribute directly to wildlife?


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      they contribute very little. However, we don't want them as an enemy either. The area has been a wildlife viewing area for a long time, why not leave it that way? And of course, no expansion. Although I don't think it will be as bad as the concerns expressed in the article, why push? We alreeady have a lot of area to hunt. Just my thoughts and I could be wrong.


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        Make it even

        for every area for "wildlife viewing", an equal area or more of parks are opened up for hunting. why does it always have to be hunters getting the short end.


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          Whats the use of even discussing it. its int he tourist belt of alaska. its not gonna open to hunting. I agree that it should be open or atleast a major portion of it, but then again they should have a harvest brown bear hunt.


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            most of the tourist and veiwers have gone for the season by the time hunting season rolls around. Perhaps they could just push the season back a little later. The road system is getting crowded. We need more spots to take our children in and give them a fair chance at some action


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              When I was a kid I spent a fair amount of time hunting there. I would like to see it open, why should things change because of tourists?
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