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Lookin for early season slope info

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  • Lookin for early season slope info

    I'm thinking about planning a hunt up on the slope this spring. What is the earliest I can should plan on heading up for Caribou? Is it possible to run across any bears early? How early? Just a thought while I am at work...

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    Slope Bou

    Head up in March or April for bou, you will find some resident bou, mostly cows that will be very spooky, Bear hunting by permit only within the 5 mile corridor


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      I will be heading up the middle of march this year. I am expecting it to be pretty cold though. April tends to be a much nicer month up there. Last year we were up there the last week of april and it was GREAT!!. I personally belive that the caribou are way less spooky and much easier to hunt in the spring but it appears many disagree with me. In april they are in the hills and not out on the plains. There is actually cover up in the hills. This is one of my favorite hunts



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        If you have the flexibility to head up when the forecast looks good that is always a good bet. The weather can get pretty nasty all the way through March. I was able to sneak up and pop a nice cow last year in February when there was a little break in the weather. I monitor this site once my hunt gets a little closer. The researchers have a hard time keeping all of the weather stations running but you can usually find one or two that is giving real time data.

        Good Luck and Shoot Straight


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          Originally posted by akhunter02 View Post
          Bear hunting by permit only within the 5 mile corridor
          I don't believe a resident needs a permit in the spring.


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            March female caribou are Fat.

            April is generally when Bears in the Arctic come out, butthat depends ontheweather.
            Late April Females lose the fat to the calves growing inside them, so hunt early April, and you might get both.
            If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

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              stand corrected

              Originally posted by n0g0d View Post
              I don't believe a resident needs a permit in the spring.
              good catch


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                so if I were to drive the road from coldfoot to atigun would my chances be better than driving the road all the way to deadhorse in april? what is the limit from coldfoot to atigun and from atigun to deadhorse I'm getting confused on reading the regs it goes through 3 different units 24,25,& 26 can someone help me out here on limits and season start and end dates for bowhunting in these areas thanks


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                  Awesome, thanks for the advice folks. I will definately make a plan of heading up sometime in April.


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                    Guess I'm not the only one confused then if no one can clairify for me hahaha and I thought i was the only one


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