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  • DS 120 help

    Looking for information on DS 120. Wife has the tag and we are looking for a route in a little on the easy side. This will be her first hunt and we are concerned about bad weather. We are considering Bird Creek or going in from the ER Nature Center. Anyone done either of these or have a better suggestion? Thanks in advance.


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    Mike, years ago my buddy got drawn for sheep in that area. I went along to help out. we went in through the nature center. just past icicle creek, you will come on a big beaver hut, there will be a wash out by it. we went up right there and it was actually pretty decent. wish I could be more specific but its been a number of years.



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      Mike - Remind me, is DS120 a Ewe hunt? Are you restricted to the South side of Eagle River, Ship Creek, and Bird Creek? If this is the area, shoot me a PM. I have a pretty easy, though somewhat long route that I can suggest into that area.



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        Bird creek is an overgrown nasty route after ya get in aways.

        We just hiked up into symphony lake only to have one of the partners decide to turn back. Good thing, my feet were blistered to no ends!

        I have a DS 140 tag in my pocket and I'm sitting here in Fairbanks, UGG. Gonna get some custom insoles and give it a go this weekend again I hope.


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          DS 140 here, too.

          hoping for a <brief> weather window..HA!
          have a plan, a tentative partner, and the will to go, but not too keen on sleet and rain....guess i'm just a big weeny!
          Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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            Nature Center

            Go in through the Nature center. Seen some good sheep in there, just before Icicle creek , get up top using the wash and you should have pretty good success.

            Good Luck


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