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  • Anybody know what this is

    We're fishing Peters Creek again this year, West of Talkeetna. There is a glacier in the area we are going to try and hike in to.

    I follow the road on google earth to this "Outpost"?

    Is that what it is......on Google Earth it is at

    62/28/12/89 North 151/03/45/67 West

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    Not sure what you're asking. Are you wanting to know if that's a glacier? What's the name of the glacier you're hoping to hike into?

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      Looks like an airstrip. Wouldnt count on there being anything there besides a couple old buildings if that. If im seeing what your seeing.


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        That's a private airstrip, locally known as "Dollar Creek Mine". It is an active placer mine in the summer, the owners are just as likely to be there as not any time of the year. It would be quite a hike to the Kahiltna Glacier from there, lots of rough country and brush. You might want to climb above treeline and go NW until you descend W into the glacier valley. Any way you go, it will be a real bushwhack.


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          I hope you plan on staying awhile. That will be a heck of a hike.....good luck and let us know how it went....
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            When we go places, Alaska, Wyoming etc, outside of fishing we set goals. Things like catch our first Grayling, stand on a remote river with a Grizzly, and hike to a Glacier, chip of some ice into a glass pour a shot of whiskey over it and have a drink.

            There is a glacier as you hike out from the Upper Russian Lake, but it didn't work out. The weather had turned a bit and it was a lot further then anticipated.

            We almost did it in Wyoming, but only got as high as pack ice in August.

            The "Shot of Whiskey over Glacier Ice" is the one goal we have not met.

            The glacier on the Russian is not doable. I was hoping to find a route that would put Kahiltna Glacier (thank you Randy for providing the name) within a couple miles.

            If it was an outpost, I thought I might be able to contact somebody associated with it to see if there was anything that puts us within hiking distance to the glacier.

            Thank you for the help....this is what I was looking at.



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              Why not just walk up to Worthington Glacier?
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                Why not just walk up to Worthington Glacier?
                Sounds crazy, but a "Touristy" Glacier won't count. Has to be a remote Glacier that we hike to and there's no established trail, signs, or people.......has to be a "Wilderness" Glacier.

                Same as with the Bear. We could of gone to the Russian/Kenai Confluence, spent the day there and seen Grizzly, but it would not have been the same. It had to be just us, out in the Boonies, standing on a River with a Grizzly.


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                  Black Rapids: Have to cross a river to get to it.
                  Castner or Canwell: Close to the highway but the Castner has a cave in the face.
                  Tazlina: Float down the Little Nelchina to the Big Nelchina to Tazlina Lake. Motor to south end, hike to glacier. Good possibility of seeing bear, sheep, goats, etc. Motor northeast to mouth and float the river to the Richardson highway.

                  That's just the tip of the iceberg for glaciers to see. Are there any other parameters for the trip? Why not venture away from Anchorage and south central and experience some real Alaska?


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                    You could certainly do it from there. Super bushwack for sure. Id probabll walk up the creek to the ridge leading up and over. Dont forget machete, headnet, 44mag and overnight kit. I wouldnt be suprised if you saw a bear while sipping your whiskey in this area, thaere are plenty around.


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                      K-Bay State Park

                      Mark, not sure if Kachemak Bay State Park would fit the guidelines, but there is a slew of glaciers you can hike into from across the bay from Homer.

                      Shot of Whiskey over Glacier Ice is a neat plan!
                      Good luck,
                      Mark Richards


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                        Thanks for the input guys. Our schedule kind of locks us into the Petersville area for a Glacier if we are going to do it. My own fault. We're doing four days on the Upper Russian and I really thought we could do it there.

                        Here is what I looked at initially. We're getting dropped off at the Upper Russian, then hiking and fishing out over the course of 4 days.

                        I was looked at a side "Jaunt" and it looked to be about 8 miles round trip. But if you looked closer the route actually only gets you to the end of the "Glacier Lake". It's another two miles to the Glacier making it about 10-12 miles round trip. I just don't think its doable, still allowing for time fish and explore the Russian.

                        Our Schedule is pretty tight. We land July 18th.

                        19/20 Resurrection Creek
                        21/22 Two days, one night drifting the Kenai
                        23 Shark Charter out of Seward
                        24/25/26/27 The Upper Russian
                        28/29/30 Petersville
                        31 running for the Airport, wishing we had another two weeks.

                        If there is somthing in the Hope area, or even further North past Talkeetna, we might be able to try that

                        Shot of Whiskey over Glacier Ice is a neat plan!
                        I don't know who you think you're kidding. The life you're leading, I would bet you have done that a dozen times, and shared a shot with a Grizzly to boot.

                        See what I mean, at a glance 8 miles or so, a little closer look, pretty much puts it out of reach.......though I am wondering if I could get the pilot to drop us at this lake...hike to the Glacier, have a shot, then head for the Russian.............hmmmmmm



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                          If you go to the upper end of dollar creek their is a 4-wheeler trail that follows the old mining district mail trail that goes to the base of the Kahiltna. You can drive to within about a 1/4 mile of the ice. Hope this helps.
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                            Thanks......we are renting a Hummer as well. Is the trail wide enough for that and if not, how far do you think it is walking down the trail. Thank you for the information.


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                              George and Delores McCullogh owned Dollar Creek Mine and used to have lodging there. George has passed away and the family no longer operates it as a lodge. You can actually drive there if road/trail conditions are good enough. To get there from Peters Creek would require many stream crossings as the bridges on the road were washed out in the '06 flood. I don't have any idea how many were repaired past Peters Creek. When the family goes in there it can often be an epic adventure. All depends on rain conditions. Get permission first before trespassing on their property.
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