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just cant connect with a Black bear!

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  • just cant connect with a Black bear!

    Man, after years of dreaming (and trying) of getting a black bear I was going to make 2006 my year.

    Spring, I set up bait, I get one little blackie in at first ( never saw it, just tracks and hair) then brownie moved in. Bummer, I dont really have the time to set up another bait. I pack it up and hunt off anothers buddies station, where the blackies have been in thick. unfortunately the 2 times I hunted it they did not come in. My buddy was out in the road one time making a cell call and said he saw a big one coming that way, but he spooked it.

    Im moose hunting and see a bear, I decide to take it. Somehow I missed the shot.

    I plan to fly out of homer for a four day trip to emerald lake where my dad remembers seeing lots of big bears. Weather prevents flying for 1 and a half days. First day there I see about 15 bears. Problem is they are above the GOATS! I have no idea what they wanted up in the cliffs ( I was glassing them from fields of blueberries) Last day I drag my poor dad up 3000 vertical, alder covered feet after a bear only to have the wind shift bad and spook the bear.

    Went to hope and didnt see any bears. spotted one at 5 pm up high while driving the highway at 5pm. he too was way up there but we try to make it anyway. we got to where he used to be but now he had grazed up another thousand yards and most of it through a bad tangle of alders. Darkness was comming in a half hour so we bagged it.

    Just got back form the rl460 hunt in crow creek pass. Hiked in (from girdwood) almost to camp creek, but it was obvious that from a time standpoint (weekend) that we would not make it back in time. We didnt see one bear, but saw a nice bull, goats and sheep.

    Most people seem to think of black bears as easy, oppurtunity critters, and I guess sometimes they are. but they can be one of the most challenging things to hunt also. I have done some very rigourous and at times scary climbing to get one.

    I guess Ill have to wait until next year to get one.

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    I can sympathize, Matt. I've taken lots of other animals, including some nice rams that many would consider one of the toughest animals to get, but I have been absolutely skunked on black bears. I've never done much more than day hunts for them, but I still would have expected to be successful by now. I've had a number of stalks, spotted many of them, yet...they just seem to be my achilles heel. I had one spotted last night at almost 6:00, but it was a similar story to one of yours - up really high and daylight fading too soon. I thought about going back for him this morning, but other commitments won out. Maybe one more shot next weekend...we'll see.

    Keep the faith, brother. We'll both connect at some point.



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      Hang in there guys. We did the crow creek thing last weekend. seen one bear but he was to far away and he was moving like he was on a mission. I usually dont hunt bears down here in south central, I'll drive north. seems to be less people agitating the bears.


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        black bears

        I've gotten a blackie every year i've hunted them. Must be just my luck. sheep are my next challenge, that realy sounds like fun.


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          challenging game

          them black bears are. they seem to me to be one of the wariest animals out there.especially near highways,etc. the smaller ones are less so if that's what you want. guys like matt will eventuall connect on a nice bear due to his persistence. i personally passed up a lot of bears until i got the one i wanted, a beauty of a seven footer. it was worth all the time it still got 10-15 days left matt before they bundle up. keep on trying.


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            Don't give up by all means .
            Stay persistant and you will connect !!!
            How did you like Emerald lake ??
            Was going to do a hike up there back in May but never made it there , got a bear on the way up . That was my first one .

            Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
            Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

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              My buddy was out in the road one time making a cell call and said he saw a big one coming that way, but he spooked it.
              Remember Use of a cell phone to hunt critters is technically illegal.
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                Originally posted by AKDoug View Post
                Remember Use of a cell phone to hunt critters is technically illegal.

                He didn't say he was using the cell phone for hunting purposes, said his friend was out on the road making a cell call. He could have been calling his wife to see when dinner would be ready.


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                  Thanks guys. I havnt given up on them, I just dont have the time for them this year. Next year ill start again!

                  emerald lake was pretty nice. Kinda thick though. But the view of that glacier was spectacular. Also it hosts one of the largest salmon berry crops I have ever seen. The flight was expensive, 800 dollars for a beaver??? Its a 11 minute flight for petes sake!

                  and no my buddy wasnt calling me and telling me about the bear. he told me about it when I walked back to the truck


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                    If all else fails...

                    Hang tough, you've still got time, Matt, and you could still connect.
                    Baiting during the spring time is the way to go if you are at that "skunked point".
                    I can honestly say I was totally frustrated after three years of going without a bear. Many miles, dollar$ and hours of glassing the hills and baiting too. If I did see one, it was a sow with cubs.
                    Like Brian, I've been blessed afield--five legal sheep in my last five hunts--but frankly, the two bears I got just this year were the hardest fought game I've hunted.
                    Don't bail out on a bait if a brownie/grizz is on it, Matt. Several have said that to me, but if I would have bought into that I wouldnt have got my bears this year. I sat many nights watching grizz dine at the barrel. The blackies never gave up on it and it all worked out.
                    One more thing: double check that rifle at the range, make sure it's on the money. Maybe it was "off" when you missed?
                    Best of Luck! Frank
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                      I stopped to get gas at Bird last week on my way home to Sterling, We were picking up Moose meat from Indian valley, and looked up from the pump to the hill to the east.
                      Just above the tree's at about 500 ft above the road was a Black bear just layin in the sun.
                      We drove over to where we would need to hike a little to get to him and walked up the hill thru the trees a hundred feet and I could see him sleeping. Niice little 5 1/2 footer...
                      but Alas We had no gun with us.
                      The moose hunt was over and so I left the gun at the house
                      So again I have not got a black bear in 4 or 5 years now...
                      don't feel bad that the bears are not coming easy,as hard as you are hunting I can see a 7 footer in your future
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                        Same bad luck

                        I have hunted bears on 3 seperate trips this year seeing a couple black bears on one trip. I even got to take a shot a fat 7 footer feeding on berries. Shot him right in the lungs, watched him roll 150 yards down a hillside. He then got up and ran straight up the hill and over the top to never been found again, no blood, no tracks, nothing. Looked for several hours and even came back the next day and looked for close to 10 hours. I saw the grey open wound on the opposite side proving that I shot him in the lungs, but he was never to be found again. The only thing I think that happen is that the thick fur and large amounts of fat kept the blood from running off and creating a trail. Call me Matt if you want to try again this week, I have seen a few bears in two locations that I want to make one last run at.


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                          I am up for a trip anytime.


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                            uh, if you know you killed him...

                            then aren't you done hunting in any area where the bag limit is one bear?
                            i know that by law in some parts of the state any bear wounded counts against your allowable take.
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                              Have to agree with Homerdave on this one.


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