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1st Solo Moose

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  • 1st Solo Moose

    1st solo moose.

    Here's the pics:

    Here's the story.

    The plan was to atv up into the hills and meet up with a friend and his kid on a thursday evening. I was prepared to stay out until sunday, they were going to run back and forth to town each night. As I was headed out of town I saw them coming back on the highway. I figured I would see them the next day.

    I got up to my spot at about 8:30pm. Pitched my tent, etc. and started calling around 9. At around 10 I heard a bull grunting. It was dark but there was a full moon and clear sky. Spotted him with my binos moving in the brush across a clearing about 150 yds. Got the scope on him but he was moving and I couldn't get the cross hairs on him. Maybe he'll come my way across the clearing and I get a moonlight bull! Well, no go. I finally crawled in the tent around 11 and needless to say didn't get much sleep that night! got up before daylight, started calling glassing, etc. Nothing. Not even a cow to be seen. Hunted until around noon, ate, slept until about 5. Ate, started calling around 6. At 7 Here he comes, at least I am pretty sure he was the same bull judging by his rack and the dryed up velvet hanging off his antlers. He came up out of a valley and was crossing a little saddle I was overlooking. About 500yds out. I gave a few calls and he just kept walking. Then he stopped, I called again, he looked my way, then turned his head and kept on walking. It's now or never, at his pace he would be long gone in a hot minute. I was able to beat feet and close that gap by about 150 yds as he was moving. I sat down on the edge of an embankment next to a bush. No way I can close the gap any further. I line up on him about the time he turns and heads away from me going uphilll. I let one fly but with him walking and me breathing I knew I missed when I pulled the trigger. Off to the right, dang!. I jacked in another round as he turned left, he's broadside now!. The Kimber 325 sang and the 200 grain accubond hit him in the hump, broke his spine, lodged under his hide, perfect mushroom and down he went at 350 yds. Another 25 yds and he would have been out of sight. 36 incher with one of the long tines busted off. So, 40 inch type bull. Palmated brow tine on one side with 4 points. Just right, not too big for one guy to handle but more meat than a spike fork. I thanked the Lord, took pics and walked back to get my atv. Rode back to him and got started on him around 8pm. Got the quarters and backstraps, etc. layed out on tarps and sheets in the cool evening breeze under the full moon. Worked on him until 1am. Rode back to the tent. Got up at daylight, got the rib meat and got him loaded in the meat wagon. Was able to get the quad about 50 yds from him. Got back home in Fairbanks at 1pm. God is good. Got my 1st Dall Sheep and my first solo moose this year. Great way to break in the new Kimber.
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    Looks like your hunting one of those burns north of Fbks. How old is it, maybe 2 or 3 yrs? I see plenty of grass there. Are the moose coming back in there already?
    Looks like it's about ready to be a good marten trapping spot.
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      Ya, I was hunting in a burn that is 2 years old. It was the boundary fire that burnt everything up a couple years ago. It was the first time I had been in this area since the fire. I saw other moose sign but only cow and calf tracks. But on this trip this was the only bull I saw. Unless the one the night before was a different one. I have been seeing moose along the Steese though where the fire was. One other small bull on private property. There are plenty of valleys that the fire did not get. I suspect I will be checking this are out for moose hunting over the next couple years. Should be good. This bull seemed to have a big body for the size of the rack to me. Lots and lots of fat. I have shot them before that didn't have hardly any. But this guy had been eating good that's for sure. Got our first snow in Fairbanks this weekend. How about you guys?
      A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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