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  • I enjoyed Alaska Outdoor TV Tonight

    This post should probably be posted in one of the other threads but since I downgraded the show on the hunting forum last week, I thought I would try and give some positive comments this week. Please understand that I DVR the show every week weather I like the show or not.

    Tonights show had some footage of fishing close to Cape St. Alias. That really brought back some memory's, as that is one of the first places that I commercially fished for Halibut 35 years ago in 1974. I think the show said the lighthouse is currently unmanned,(correct me if I'm wrong) but when we fished there long ago it was still a Coast Guard manned station. I was warned by my skipper back then that whatever fish we caught would be very wild fish due to the shallow water. We probably fished within a 1/4 mile of shore and boy was he right about the wild fish! There is a Sea Lion rookery there so I'm sure that commercial fisherman can no longer fish that close to shore. What a beautiful place that is! If anybody gets the chance to go fish that area, take it! On a clear day the Mount Saint Alias view is incredible! If I remember correctly there is also a decent anchorage tucked inside the Cape.

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