Southeast AK deer in November



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  • Southeast AK deer in November

    Has anyone hunted the Ketchikan area in early November? Will the deer be down on the beaches? Does a doe call work well at that time? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Southeast deer

    I've not hunted Ketchikan, but I have hunted around Sitka, if that counts. Whether or not the deer will be on the beaches is heavily weather dependent. Snow tends to push them down the mountains as it covers their browse, but you will find them at lower elevations in November than you will in August.

    Doe calls are effective around rut time, but I wouldn't advise using it if you are hunting by yourself. I called up a brown bear a couple years ago. No close encounter, but unnerving just the same.

    Good luck.
    In God We Trust.


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      the November rut

      The deer hunting will be getting good .... soon.

      Some deer go to the beach but not allot. I guess if we were to have a very heavy snow it would drive them there. That is usually not the situation though.

      Some big bucks stay inland and as high up as they can. Some get the urge to roam and even can be seen sometime swimming across the bay ... during the rut.

      Our Blacktail do respond to the call. It takes a bit to learn Blacktail but some hunters get real good at it.
      johnnie laird


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