who hunts around sitka?



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  • who hunts around sitka?

    visited sitka for a bit during the summer. loved it. seen a bunch of deer, some bear, and the fishing was decent. who here hunts around sitka? my plan is to eventually move up that way, and would like to see what the hunting has to offer. post pics if you will. thanks adam

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    I'll bit

    I live here in Sitka.

    What do you want to do for a living while here?

    It would be nice to hunt for a living but thats not the reality in this country.

    Sounds like you saw plenty while you were here and that about sums it up. In Sitka we are surrounded by the Tongass and with that you have all the habitat for a miriad of fish and game. The country is rugged and wild. You can plan adventures as tame or as rough as you wish. I try to stay in good physical shape because I enjoy wandering deep into the island for fall excursions. There are some trails but for the most part you'll end up blazing a route into places. The rainforest tries to reclaim your routes every year.

    We are a water loving people in these parts. Everyone has conections with the sea. You'll learn how to navigate the tides and ride the waves.

    There are three seasons......Winter, fishing, and hunting Some would argue it's Trapping, Fishing, and Hunting but I don't trap.

    I'm kinda exagerating because I work a normal full-time job but I sure wish I had the time to fully experience the three.


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      Wonderful place

      Sitka is a beautiful town, and a great community. Bighorse forgot to mention Music season, which coincides with fishing season.

      I'm from a little north of there, but I've hunted Baranof Island a little bit in the past. And I will again.


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        not even sure if i want to move to sitka for sure, just looking at options. i am thinking of coming back up next summer to hunt and fish for a few weeks. when i do actually move up to AK, it could be anywhere. whatever police department will hire me is probably where ill go.


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          If your comming just for a visit to hunt and fish as a nonresident you'll be very restricted. You may have already reviewed the regulations and prices. Being in law enforcement I bet you have.

          You can still harvest four deer but that will run you $600 just for the tags. The non res license is $285. To catch whatever the limit of Kings will be is $100. Add charter fees and travel expenses and all of a sudden a little trip to Sitka gets kinda big.

          If you move here......after residency kicks in this place gets much better. The local community also appreciates committed and contributing members. We are isolated and depend on eachother alot to make this little town work. It kinda hurts to have folks with means just show up and take durring the best months and leave.


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            I've hunted twice in Sitka with Jim Phillips of Annahootz Adventures. Both times were for mountain goat. Jim was great and so I'm taking my bro in law and his two boys this June for a fishing trip. It'll be nice to see Sitka in the summer since both times before were in Nov. Did try a little fishing this last Nov. and it was fantastic. Really looking forward to June. The folks there were all very pleasant - esp given that it was Nov (cold and wet!). Spoke to some LEOs when I was there and they were all very good folks as well.


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              yeah, i know the regs. it may seem expensive, but its a different kind of deer hunting than what we have here in the midwest. plus the scenery alone is worth it to me. 285 is really not that bad when you consider the illinois deer tags we will buy for 2009 will cost almost 500:eek:

              im sure i could find a different part of the state with better deer hunting and cheaper expenses, but i know the area somewhat, and definately wouldnt mind going back.


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