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  • Spring Grizzlies

    Looking for suggestions for spring grizzlies somewhere in the interior. Did the coastal brownie thing last year but would like to save my fly out hunt budget for next fall. Would need to be off the road system. I do have an ATV and I am willing to snowshoe a lot if need be. Any suggestions.
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    Well, it's no secret, but there are pretty decent spring grizzly opportunities off of the Denali Highway. I've only done the hunt once, but within 20 minutes of arriving I was stalking a bear on snowshoes. I didn't get him (I swear, the bear literally disappeared!), but it was fun nonetheless. Some guys go in on snowmachines in April, but if the snow turns rotten in the sun it can be easy to get stuck out there. It's doable on ATVs as well once the snow melts, but the trails can be muddy and they'll be more prone to having rubbed fur. Despite the potential struggles, though, it's a pretty good option. A pretty decent number of bears, a legal limit of one per year, and a moose population that could really use some help.



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      Go up on the taylor. Plenty of ATV trails. Kinda a far drive from anchorage, but there are some real nice bears up there.


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