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Help with a Fairbanks area hunt.

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  • Help with a Fairbanks area hunt.

    I want to start planning a river hunt. I live in the Fairbanks area and have a 19ft jet boat. There will be four guys and I am willing to make a couple trips(on the water) to set up a base camp if needed. I am thinking up or down the yukon river or up the salcha (up river at least I can float down). Anyone have any other ideas. I am not opposed to pulling the boat farther. I am looking to hunt moose or caribou or both. Just looking for some thoughts or experience in this area or advice. Thanks in advance.

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    As a former husker, grew up there, I feel obligated to help...:-).
    I assume your not that familiar with the various boatable rivers around Fbks.
    First, list all the places your willing to drive (trailer) your boat to to get to good hunting. Also decide just how far your willing to drive the boat, on the water, to get to good hunting.
    Get out the latest reg book, and see which areas on your list have open, general season hunts. List the 3 or 4, if there is that many, with the longest moose season and preferably, no antler restriction. In general, the less regs for an area, the better the moose pop is. Also try and find out about crowds and other hunters. Easy to get to hunt areas will likely be crowded.
    I've noticed in the past that unit 25B, accessed from Circle or Eagle, has a decent season with no antler restrictions for residents. Some of that rea burned a few years ago and may be getting more moosey.
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      Both the yukon and the salcha have alot of private land. I second what martentrapper said. Try to find good water that allows access into an area with lower restrictions. It'll be hard to escape others unless you reach out and travel farther away. I know of guys that drop $1500 in gas to run way down the yukon. But your not makeing multiple trips. Good luck!


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        Thanks for the advice. Once a husker always a husker.


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