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  • best trail cameras...

    want to use one for bear baiting...any suggestions?
    ...Jackie Bushman is a TOOL

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    was thinking of this one...
    ...Jackie Bushman is a TOOL


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      You know like wiht any product they'll have there pros and cons. SO really its up to you as to what you want it to do and how much your willing to spend.I could not bring myself to spend $300.00 on a trail cam for bear hunitng after hearing all the stories about them eating them.
      So I went with a GameSpy Moultrie myself for $70.00 to see how it would hold up.Just my 2 cents worth.Try one brand your set on and work off of that. Daniel


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        i am in the market for on right now i am looking for one that does not flash i am using for for people that keep driving in my road at night


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          I have had great results & am real happy with the 2 cuddebacks i have. Have also heardvery good things about scoutguard 550's
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            Trail cam

            Just "GOOGLE" driveway sensor. It lets you know inside the house that someone is near. Could work for RMK 4x4


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              Originally posted by Roland on the River View Post
              Just "GOOGLE" driveway sensor. It lets you know inside the house that someone is near. Could work for RMK 4x4

              i am looking to record lic. plates and times got a neighbor that is dealing drugs and i need to get more info for the troopers to do anything


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                My trail cam has infra red with no flash and also video option along with still pictures.Just head to Sportsmans and check out all the models there and decide then.


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                  Trail Cams

                  Here's my opinion.

                  I have a trail camera, only one, have only owned one.

                  Digital is THE way to go. 35mm gets VERY expensive, very fast.

                  Everything else is your preference.
                  Trail cams rarely take photo's that you'll want to make into something worth printing. So, resolution is really - irrelevant...
                  Unless you are attempting to capture license plates - then you will need an IR cam with high res. Even with that as a point of interest, your budget will determine which one.

                  With that being said, I have the Cuddeback 3000, it's old by electronics standards, but is fairly quick to react, takes 3 mp pictures, and has a flash. Uses 4 D cell batteries that will last about a week during peak bear feeding.
                  I only get to check my station on weekends - the trail cam is invaluable to help determine what kind of bears are feeding (big, small, cubs, brown, etc.).

                  Bears have licked, pawed, mouthed, and bit my camera, but it's still hanging in there. Only superficial damage - thus far.

                  I have only handled my camera with clean rubber gloves - in hopes to keep the scent down.

                  If I were starting out today, I'd get one with IR, only so that the critters don't investigate the bright flash of light. I have had no indications that the flash 'scares' or deters them - peaks their curiosity, then back to matters at hand.

                  Good luck!


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                    Do not buy Moultrie, but check out these

                    Email me and I will show you the email about Moultrie.

                    Orion Series (Awesome!)

                    The Orion and Orion XIR series are wireless. The XIR has a completely invisible flash which makes it perfect for security! The Orion cameras have tons of features that allow the user to decide when it takes a picture, what type of picture, how often and even do video! This camera does it all! If you want the best, well, this is the one you want!
                    Click Here for more information!

                    Apollo Series
                    (Start here!)

                    The Apollo and Apollo XIR can be your starting point. This series is the stand-alone version which have the identical features as the Orion only is saves the pictures to an SD card. The Apollo XIR has the invisible flash at night. If you decide at a later date you want to go wireless, say the word! Send your Apollo to us and we can make it happen. For a fee, we can upgrade your Apollo to wireless, then all you need to do is add the PC base modem, and now your sitting in your lazy boy, checking your cameras!
                    Click Here for more information on the Apollo series.

                    Again, we thank you for your comments! Please give us a call if you need more information!

                    Becky White
                    ATSI/Buckeye Cam

                    Save Now! Order now through Jan. 31, 2009 and receive $250.00 off an Apollo and receive $30.00 off a solar charger! Click Here to start shopping!

                    Offer Expires: Jan. 31, 2009



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