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  • Grizzly bear baiting

    Anyone doing this where it is legal? Is it worth the drive and effort? I think the one area is a two bear unit? I know of one guy who might go and do it. Just wondering since a lot of bait get hit by them, why not go where you can target them!

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    Heard good and bad

    I have talked to a few guys who do it, but they are way up north of Tok. They have plenty of bears on their baits in the past, but it's way too far of a drive and too expensive for me to do something like that. I have talked to a few other guys who also set up baits and didn't see anything the whole season. I guess it just depends on your luck and all the other things we talk about on here with regards to baiting. Heck, I couldn't even get a blackie on my bait the whole season last year. Were you looking for something more specific?



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      I hunt Fat female Caribou in March. When I have 3 or 4 , I butcher in one spot, and since the hides are loose and full of Warble fly holes, I throw them over my gut piles to keep the birds from cleaning them up.
      Then I get On High and have a look when Im in the area again, in April, when our Browns come out around here.

      Not exactly "Baiting" but it often least it gives me tracks to follow.
      If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

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        We did it a couple of years ago off the taylor. For us it was just bad timing. We went in way to late. By the time we could get in by ATV, we were competing with the cows dropping calves. Hard to compete with fresh meat.

        It was fun, but I would do it differently next time around.


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          I guess I need to clarify a bit here.

          When I hunt Caribou in March, I usually get a few at a time, over different days, here and there..
          When I get these, its usually in the same area, and I'll bring them togther to work the day away, or if they are close I'll work them where they fall. A different place each time ,depending on where we got them.
          Its a big mountain, and lots of area. luckily, up On High (as we call the place) we can scope out miles below.
          Theres no relocating or moving gut piles, theres just consolidating my work and accounting for all the Caribou, having lunch and getting the wrk done. Sometimes we gut them as we get them, sometimes we get 3 or 4 in one quick shoot.
          Since Im in generally the same area, as I hunt one peticular mountain anyway, 'c ause there are always Caribou there, I just have a look at where I have been hunting before.

          Now boys, dont go breaking any laws by moving gut piles, or such.

          My advise is to just watch what your discards have show up to clean up after you.

          You dont have to break any laws to hunt, as theres a legal way to do it all.

          Thanks for the heads up, and I hope this clears a bit of fog from my previous post.
          If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

          "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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            Griz baiting

            20E, off the taylor HWY....Did it, done it ....only saw two different sows with boars, however they are around of course due to the cubs, its just hit or miss.


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              Taylor, tried, no-go

              I baited on the Taylor several years ago, over a month. Never had a hit; took about 800 lbs of mostly meat in. F&G said that as of June, one bear had been shot (weren't even sure it was over bait), and there were 70+ licenses issued for bait stations. They did not know exactly how many stations were actually activated, but it was way over 30. I did see one griz sniffing around where I usually stopped my truck and unloaded buckets. That was at 0330 one Sat, but the mutha would not get off the road. I watched it walk down the center line for over 1/4 mi before it disappeared. Frustrating? I know; "Who was looking?" Trust me; it was tempting. Nice bear.


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                I just wish they would open up a baiting season here in the Fairbanks area. Grizz all over the place.


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                  griz all over

                  Shoot me a pm w/ some gps coords, please. I have an empty tag. Thanks. j


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